LotRO: That North Downs revamp? ROCKS!

LotRO, outside the ruins around Fornost

Most of the new characters I’ve created over the last few weeks I’ve taken to the Lonelands to level. Most are still there, in fact, with only two exceptions. My Arkenstone Hunter is still trying to decide if she wants to do the ‘underground’ deeds in the Barrows (spiders, named, wights and, maybe it’s just those three?) before moving on to finish Bree with the Olde Forest. Windfola Ranni, my beloved Minstrel, found herself stuck between crazy strong Hillmen and the rezz circle in Agamaur so she decided to go elsewhere to level. I haven’t run a character through the North Downs via Trestlebridge in YEARS because I detest that map, the entire lot of it, and all the ridiculous quests there. Hate them. HATE THEM!

Since it’s been years and I remembered there’d been a revamp, I took Windfola Ranni there to check things out. I was expecting the same old same old, thinking the revamp was focused on Esteldin and not the whole of the North Downs but, wowzers was I wrong! The flow is not only there now but it’s logical, makes sense. Presentation of the quests feels more story like in that it’s not just another ‘go kill X number of Orcs’ but, instead, telling you the story of Trestlebridge and her people. I suppose the quests have always tried to do that but seeing them now I can say they weren’t pre-revamp. At first I thought I just wasn’t remembering the quests as it’d been so long since I’d done them. When I realized I was having fun, no, having a BLAST I realized it was a lot of the same quests only …. different. Better. More fun!

I have been in the Nan Wathren area a LOT helping kinmates but after my first run through the place for myself, stopping at, IIRC, the Black Fire quest, I’ve always refused to quest the area. Hated it with a fiery purple passion, I did! Night before last I was at the warg pens, dying (that named Warg and his buddies bested me hardcore) and wondering if these were new quests or if they’d always been there. I didn’t care that the wargs were resisting much of what I was throwing at them. I didn’t care that I was lost (hadn’t meant to go to the warg pens). I was honestly having fun running old content that had been revamped into something more fresh! For me, anyway.

Normally I do whatever I have to do to get Epic Book 3 done in the North Downs, then leave. I’m questing my way across the map this go round, however, and looking forward to seeing what’s next. I’m not getting a lot of experience since everything is green and light blue to me (currently level 30 or 31) but I think I’ll take another character or two through North Downs instead of running for Evendim to avoid it. This revamp flat rocks!


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  1. I haven’t been through the ND revamp yet, but I’ll definitely check it out now!

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