LotRO: Moving day, taking stock

Transfers between the servers to remain open were started up again for another test run to see how things fared. I took advantage and moved quite a few characters from Landroval to Arkenstone, then decided I’m enjoying my Windfola Minstrel so much I wanted to Undelete Millee, an old Hobbit Minstrel I had a few years ago. Getting Millee back felt like Christmas. I’ve missed my cute little Hobbit! It also caused me to take serious stock of my characters.

Character sheet, LotRO

I noticed her health was awfully low for a level 66 so I opened her paper doll to see what was up with her stats. I found I’d gotten rid of all her gear, leaving her with little more than a few weapons she couldn’t use, area maps and some type of potion. I quickly jumped on a tailor and crafted her a set of armour, most of which didn’t crit, and then hit the auction house for jewelry and weapons. I was thinking that because she was a Tinker she could make her own but I couldn’t find the ingredients I needed on the AH. Matter of fact, the pick of on-level baubles was hugely lacking  so I did the best I could and kitted her out. Seeing how much wasn’t offered on the Arkenstone AH made me take a good look at each of my characters, specifically, their chosen crafts. Know what I found?

I had an army of Explorers.

Like, almost nothing but Explorers.

Some of my characters were created just to go fool around on with no real desire to level them up much. I assume that’s why I made them Explorers? I grabbed a notebook and made a list of who was what and what they could do as I visited the Master of Apprentices with each character and made revisions that would impact their abilities the least. One did lose progress in two areas but only one character. The rest only lost in one profession. I then rooted through everyone’s bags and vaults to scrounge up enough crafting materials to level up each of the new professions through Expert, a plus to having so many Explorers.

I really want to join an active, fun and casual kin but, at the same time, I don’t want to get to a point where I feel too obligated again. So I made a kin for my characters, House of Sam, and will see if I’m happy with that or need more interaction at a later date. If I didn’t prefer to see my name in blue (cyan?) I wouldn’t have bothered with the kin! It’s a vanity thing. I guess.

The transfers from Landroval to Arkenstone were smooth, instant and without a hitch, all but one from my 2nd account (took three tries to get it to work). I’m anxious about moving my Windfola Minstrel. I know *exactly* what I want to do but I’m not sure I’ll be happy about that in the long run. I really enjoy playing her and want to see her hit cap but the server I plan on moving her to, I haven’t had the best experiences there so far. For now, she’s having fun reliving the Lonelands on Windfola, even if it is the loneliest she’s ever seen them, and aiming for level 30. Should reach that the next time I play her.

Lonelands, Ost Guruth, LotRO



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  1. Way to get organized, even if it took nostalgia and a bevy of Explorers to do so!

    Maybe it has just been my choices of kins, but I’ve never seen any sense of obligation when choosing any. If someone needs help with something or would like something crafted, then sure, if I can do so, I’ll do so. But I’ve never felt I had to keep on any kind of schedule or remain active enough to be there when called. Then again, like I said, I’ve never been part of a raiding kin, so maybe there is a totally different structure that lies within that beast.

    Considering that the kin from my main server is moving over to Landy, and so am I with most of those characters, is there a special reason you decided to move off Landy and over to Arkenstone? In either case, I have some characters over on Arken, so maybe I’ll see ya over there!

    • I’ve been kin leader far more than anything in terms of kin, even when I didn’t have then official title. I once ran the big instance in Epic Book 2 (where Radagast frees his furry friends) 27 times in one weekend to help people out … and not all were kinnies. I have a hard time saying no.

      I’m not leaving Landroval as I created a new Ranni and Condi there. It’s a great server! I did move my mains to Arkenstone because there’s always someone calling out for instances and group play. I’ve seen everything from on-level GB to the Tomb of El to Pel calls out. Reminds me of Big E!

  2. Why are you moving off Landy? I’ve found it to be the friendliest server! 🙂

    • Very friendly and I love watching the RPers! I moved my mains to Ark and then created a new Ranni and Condi on Landy so I can still go to events or just run around a bit. 🙂

      Arkenstone is like the old Big E. Lot to do with a lot of folks who want to do it!

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