No more doughnuts. Ever.

… Though, “ever” may be a tad overly dramatic.

Glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Glazed Doughnuts

Mike brought home a box of the freshest and best smelling glazed doughnuts I’ve ever seen, in my life, one day last week. I watched him eat one but since I hadn’t eaten at all that day and can’t stand to eat something sweet before a proper meal, I declined one myself until after supper. It’s not so much a willpower thing but more of a ‘sweets sometimes hurt my stomach’ kind of thing. Boo, however, has no such issues with sugar and made that perfectly clear that day.

She helped herself to a doughnut after splitting one with Mike. I heard the box crinkle but she had stuffed almost half the stolen confection into her mouth before I realized what was going on. I told her she had to ask from now on, to not just help herself, and then moved the tempting box out of her reach. ‘Least, I thought it was out of her reach. There’s really no such thing when it comes to glazed doughnuts!

We had to move that box repeatedly ALL DAY LONG! She’s tall for her age. She has great stretch and reach ability. She’s climbs. She’s learned to scoot chairs or her slide when something she wants is above my head, say, on top of a bookcase. She’s resourceful!

After supper I decided it was time for a treat and went to the box of doughnuts. There were thirteen when Mike brought them home, a perfect baker’s dozen. Only three remained in the box so I quickly counted how many I thought there should be and then stood there in disbelief. I asked Mike and each of the kids how many they’d had. Sure enough, seven were unaccounted for and as the shock hit me, Boo came up behind me and asked for a doughnut.

“Girl! How many doughnuts have you eaten today?” I asked.

“Grandma. I love the doughnuts. I need a doughnut.”

I looked down at my three-year old grand-daughter and tried to look past the epically sweet smile she was giving me. “You’ve had enough. You can’t eat that many doughnuts in one day. They’ll make your tummy hurt!”

“NO!!! My tummy not hurts! Doughnut, NOW!!!!” barked the sugar addict through gritted teeth.

I refused and moved her to the living room so she wouldn’t see me move the box again. I quietly went back to my office, a doughnut in hand, and sat down to feast in peace.

The way Boo yelled, “GRANDPA!” made me jump. I thought something was wrong in that ‘make your stomach jump’ kind of way. Boo was standing just outside the office, GLARING at Mike, while eating a doughnut. She wanted him to SEE her eat that doughnut because he’d failed to make me give her a doughnut earlier. I’m not sure if her act was supposed to be a punishment or, more likely, her wiping our faces in her supremacy at doughnut acquisition.

I wanted so badly to rip that doughnut from her little hands and toss it to Moxxie! I know I should have taken it from her, it was the right thing to do! But. I couldn’t. It was over half gone when I got to her, so much stuffed in her mouth her lips couldn’t touch as she chewed. I looked into the living room and told the kids to get rid of that last doughnut and to cherish it while they ate it. We’re not buying anymore doughnuts, not until Boo learns a little self-control and we learn to keep a better eye on them.

I would have sworn several times they were out of her reach. This week she isn’t getting much sugar at all. She and I are going into the battle ring every day at every meal because she’s demanding something sweet and I’m not waffling around. I’m not her favorite person this week!



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