LotRO: Undeleted Condi. Now what??

Condi, my LotRO Captain

Old picture of Condi but still one of my favs!

I took use of the Undelete premium feature to undelete a few of my characters I’d rage-deleted some time ago. Some were done two years ago and are back in game and all just as I left them. The one I was most excited to have back was my Captain, Condi. She’s an 85 and still homed in to Hytbold. I logged her in to check her out and see what was what. Know what I found?

She had no weapon. Period. Just a maxed legendary class item and, of course, her war-steed. No two-handed great sword or halberd to be found. Because I deleted them before deleting her since, at the time, she was dead to me. And yes, I feel a little silly for doing so now.

I mapped around to a few places looking for someone to barter for a weapon. I know there should be someone in Moria but I’m assuming those weapons would be on-level with the area and I wanted one her level, or close. I wound up going to the AH and bought a (one-handed) sword and an axe. I don’t like them but they were the only two Captain weapons listed, save for the 110 gold one that I could *nevah* afford. Currently, Condi has just under two gold, mostly due to the Hobbit lottery thing.

When I delete a character one of the last things I do is giveaway all the gold they have. I go to Bree and look for people helping others out and make donations to them. I bought some kin a kinhouse on Crickhollow years ago after watching them go out of their way to help new people in Bree. When I logged this Condi back in, I’d forgotten about that but given how easy it is to make dosh at higher levels, it’s no biggie. The weapon, that’s half of the big thing that’s hindering her right now.

The other half is that I do NOT know where to go with her! It’s been so long since I’ve played her (deleted her when trait-trees were added) that I’ve no idea where to pick up the Epic or even to go quest. I figure I’ll find Captain weapon/class drops as I play her but in trying to decide where she needs to go next, I found myself overwhelmed so I logged out of Landroval and into Arkenstone to play my little Hunter instead. The only quest Condi has is out of Hytbold where you do five quests to help whichever peoples it’s asking you to. I’m at 2/5 on that but I have Hytbold built. It’s a rather lively place with NPCs everywhere. Maybe Wildermore is next? Think I went there once but didn’t stay, though I don’t remember why.

Condi is lost. Just lost. And it’s turned my extreme and over-excitement into frustration. Suppose I will hit up the Epic wiki and compare it to what she’s completed to find out what’s next. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since I played a high level toon but, ugh. Guess it has!


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  1. Wildermore is the place to go for you. If you just want to go for epics in West Rohan (Helm’s Deep expansion) you need to visit a cave in Wildermore (not saying more as not so spoil the story of that region). Do you have Helm’s Deep? You need to for both zone quests and epics. And each subzone arch gives skill points so it’s worth doing it all.

    • Thanks! Will do that. Thinking the last I played she’d gotten a summons letter or something and that’s why I went to Wildermore. Probably came back to Hytbold to finish whatever I was working on then.

      • The Wildermore quest starts in the meadhall of Harwick. But if you’ve already picked up that quest you’re probably somewhere in the region. First hub is a small outpost in the eastern part, then a small town, then it goes to the capital. Good luck!

  2. Which server is this on? If it’s Windfola, I can make you a lvl 85!

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