It’s been *a month*

Mike’s truck tried to force a regeneration cycle about a month back and, due to problems that are beyond my scope of understanding, shut down and refused to start back up. He’d called me around 12:30AM while waiting for the tow truck and we talked for a bit as he worked on his paper work, making sure everything was in order. Bear, our oldest, and I talked afterwards for a LONG time. Matter of fact, we were standing in the kitchen when I noticed the clock said it was 3:50AM. I think I nearly yelped in surprise before charging up the stairs to go to bed. Boo, Bear’s daughter (Grandbaby) sleeps in our room and I knew she’d be getting me up in a few short hours.

When my phone rang at 4:30AM I almost didn’t answer. I thought, at first, it was my alarm going off and that, given how dark it was, it’d messed up. I did answer, however, groggily, and heard this.

“I just woke up in the hospital and I don’t know how I got here.”

It was Mike and he sounded so confused. I was on my way downstairs to my computer (assuming I’d need to get directions to whatever hospital he was in) when I asked him if he was hurt. Bear was still up and overheard so he fell in behind me to see what was going on. I had to ask Mike several times if there was a nurse or doctor near that I could talk to because my husband wasn’t making much sense. He kept repeating the same few things over and over again, and each time I had a strong feeling that he thought it was the first time he was saying it. When the nurse finally took the phone my first words were, “He has a concussion?”

It was super scary!

The nurse told me a passing motorist found Mike unconscious in the road and alerted the tow truck driver. The ambulance guys told her Mike had been out for about five minutes. My heart sank so hard it hurt. Why was he laying in the road? Why didn’t the tow truck driver know? What happened?

That much I can tell you.

Mike has a dash camera in his semi that records movement in front of his truck. This is super helpful if there’s an accident (in front of him) as it’s all recorded. We were able to get the SD card from the camera before leaving Indiana (where this happened) and coming home. It showed the tow truck driver arrive. He immediately jacked Mike’s truck up with Mike still in it. The driver removed the axles so he could tow Mike’s tractor and trailer in. When he was done he came around to the cab and told Mike it was time to go. Mike told him he’d get his emergency triangles up and they could leave. The tow truck driver told him to watch his step, that the bottom of his ladder was about four feet up.

“Watch your step. I don’t have my spatula with me!”

He’d said it as a joke with NO CLUE Mike would fall. It’d been raining a LOT there. When Mike went to climb down out of his truck we heard him start down on the ladder. Then we heard to loud thuds followed by the tow truck driver asking him if he was alright. That’s when we saw the passing motorist pull off the road.

I don’t know how the story came about that the tow truck driver wasn’t aware of what happened. Mike’s boss got he same story from the tow truck driver’s boss even. Weird! I’m just so thankful he was not only aware but right there to help Mike!

Bear and I left for Indiana, taking Babygirl as a backup driver, about an hour after the first hospital call from Mike. I say ‘first’ because he kept calling to tell me he’d just woke in the hospital and didn’t know how he’d gotten there. He repeatedly told me he didn’t know where he was, that no one would tell him. When the nurse and I would tell him “You’re in Monticello, Indiana”, a town he stops in at least twice a week, every single week (there’s a couple of truck stops there and I see when he buys food and whatnot on our banking site), he’d say the exact same thing in response, that being, “NEVER heard of it!!!”

I think we had eight or ten conversations JUST like that that spanned two or three hours. We were almost in Illinois before Mike started sounding like himself! His boss called when we were passing through Cedar Rapids to see how we were doing. He told me it was weird, very strange, to talk to Mike when he was like this.

It. So. Was!

The Tahoe has no air conditioning. Mother Nature was PMSing the entire way there and back with heat indices of over 100°F. We stopped more than we should have just to buy water. Nice, cold water. It was a nine-hour trip (one way) and we sweated so freaking badly, the Tahoe smelled like horrible rotten butt for a few days after we were home again. TMI? Perhaps. You’re welcome.

We took Babygirl as a backup driver because Bear hadn’t had any sleep at all and I can’t see to drive that well. I was still getting my temporarily lost sight back at this point. Bear drove to the hospital. She was supposed to drive back. When we got to Mike’s room her contact fell out. Then fell in the sink. She washed it and put it back in only for it to fold in half in her eye. She didn’t bring her glasses (We were woefully unprepared for that trip … don’t just dart out the door when traveling 9 hours, people. Stop and think first!) so Bear had to drive us home. Mike’s boss paid for a motel room so we could sleep but I don’t think Bear was able to sleep much at all. Traffic was harsh in some areas, the temperatures were brutal and we were morphing into smelly puddles.

Mike’s still out of work waiting to see a neurologist so he can be released. He has therapy three times a week to reset his ear crystals (it’s a thing! weird but a thing!) and work on his neck and back. He fell backwards when he slipped and landed on his head in the road that night. The headaches are lessened but his neck and back are still giving him hell at times. Right now the appointment he’s waiting on is scheduled for sometime in September and that’s driving him batty. He wants to go back to work.

It’s been a month! Actually, it’s been a summer! A long, crazy, weird and unexpected summer. I’m ready for summer to be over already so we can nestle down, hang out on the couch and watch TV. No more drama!


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