ACNL: The cicadas are killing it for me!

(This is a bit ranty.)

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting outside on my porch when my son asked me why I wasn’t playing Animal Crossing:New Leaf as much anymore. I ranted in reply about what’s killing the game for me, cicadas. I detest them. The sounds they make drive me up a wall and down again. They’re obnoxiously loud, unrelenting and so annoying the very first split second of that awful noise they make gets on my last nerve, and jumps. HARD! I hate them. They’re everywhere in my village because it’s summer time in game and I can’t escape them unless I stay inside.

And that’s no fun.

I ended my rant by saying “… they should all go die in a freaking fire!” and, I kid you not, that was the exact moment a stupid cicada on one of the trees by the porch started up. My son found this funny. I asked for a flame thrower to take care of the problem. I can’t stand them!

I was so excited for summer in game. New bugs and fish to catch, the bushes I’d bought on the island (and from the garden shop) would bloom, the Bug-off, fireworks, all this cool stuff I’d read about was about to happen. I wanted to experience it all! But, the cicadas won’t SHUT UP! There’s six types of cicada in game and I hurriedly caught them all hoping they wouldn’t be as loud and, if I was lucky, could fade into background noise rather than alert every planet out there of their presence. Catching them doesn’t lower the noise level, though. Nope.

They. Just. Keep. Going.

I’ve gone from playing every single day to maybe twice a week. Used to I found all my fossils, ore rock, participated in every event (Redd, Gulliver, festivals, ……), shopped and talked to each of my residents daily. I was on the look out for the last two pieces to the collections I’m working on. I fished, picked fruit and made special trips to the island to earn money for town improvement projects. It was fun and I looked forward to it, never tiring of it. I was bound and determined I’d catch both the tarantula and scorpion before summer was out, rather than face-planting from their poisonous stings and bites. Now I don’t care if I ever finish the insect collection because CICADAS!

I really hope they’re gone soon. I miss Chicago and Tex, my neighbor. Tex the penguin is the only resident I won’t let move out. Though, not playing every day, I may fire up the game one day to find an empty plot next to my house. If that happens I will blame the cicadas for harassment and kidnapping.

I hate those things!


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  1. I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley and that sound would lull me to sleep at night. I loved “hunting” them (basically finding them only to observe, not kill) and finding their husks to freak out my siblings with. Sorry they drive you batty.

  2. This blog post made me giggle. Keep up the hatred of bugs.

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