… And so it begins

Boo, my grand-daughter, is three years old. She’s loud and bossy at times and sweet and cuddly other times, though, the cuddly doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like. Who has time for cuddles when there’s so much to see and do and get into? There are days (albeit not very many) where she just wants to watch her shows but mostly she wants to play, and by “play” I mean play hard!

This morning I was in the bathroom when I noticed I couldn’t hear her. Quiet sometimes means all hell is about to break loose but, usually, it means she’s gotten something she shouldn’t and taken it to her hiding spot behind the couch. That’s where I went to look first, behind the couch. This is what I found.

Lot of unwrapped and broken and or sticky candy found behind the couch

Candy stash, much?


Oh, people, I saw red.

There’s no way she could have gotten into this candy if my daughter and her friends hadn’t left it out in her reach. I have asked nicely, demanded and even gone all ‘Mom-raged’ on them for this yet, it still happens. Boo was sticky and grinning when I startled her and made her come out. Luckily, Britt, Boo’s mom was home sick and able to move the chaise part of the couch for me (my back has decided pain isn’t enough today and has peppered my morning liberally with back-seizing spasms) so I could start cleaning it up.

You can’t see all of the candy because the curtains and chaise are in the way but I wound up with a plastic grocery bag a third of the way full of broken and sticky candy. I had to take a vinegar solution to the windows to get the sticky off of them because the sticky was out-doing the Clorox wipes I tried to use. Want to know why?

It, the candy mess, wasn’t fresh! It was dried on sticky. I’m wondering if this happened a couple of days ago when my daughter watched Boo while I took a nap. Bear, Boo’s dad, seems to think so as he remembers seeing a bag of candy beside the chaise Wednesday. Babygirl (my daughter), works third shift or I’d have ‘Mom-raged’ all up in her face until she had that mess good and cleaned up.

This, by the way, marks the first time I can recall that Boo hid something and didn’t come tell me what she hid and where. It’s begun, people, it’s begun.


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