Tackling the Ash tree in our front yard

We’ve been trying to tackle the bigger ‘outside’ chores this summer, “we” meaning Mike and Bear (or whichever kid is around to help that day, usually Bear). Mike’s boss bought a cherry picker, a big lift for reaching heights you can’t get with a normal ladder, and allows Mike to borrow it whenever we need. They’ve gotten the gutters cleaned, a ton of dead limbs trimmed around the house and, hopefully, will be able to borrow it again to paint the house before summer runs out.

One of the more important jobs was to trim the dead branches from the trees closest to our house. We’ve been hoping and praying they wouldn’t fall during a storm and crash through our roof before we could take care of them for a good while now. The Ash tree right in front of our porch was the worst and the one they started on first.

Cherry picker being used to trim dead branches

Bear in the cherry picker going up to tackle dead limbs closest to our house.

*My eye sight isn’t the greatest for taking pictures this summer, especially when it’s sunny. Sorry!

Bear went up in the cherry picker to start working on the limbs closest to the house. He’s terrified of heights but was able to conquer that fear just enough so he could spend hours in that bucket! I wish I’d taken more pictures of the process as it was neat to watch but I didn’t think to at the time. I thought I’d taken some of the MOUNTAINS of limbs on the ground after they were done but it’s not on my phone.

They worked on the Ash and Maple trees in our front yard for a couple of days. The Maple had dead limbs that, should they have fallen, would have taken out the power lines. A neighbor came over and thanked us for taking care of those since our power company has yet to do it, something they normally would have already taken care of by now.

Hollow limbs from the Ash tree in our front yard.

Hollow limbs from the Ash tree in our front yard.

They found a few limbs hollow on the Ash tree like the one above. Talk about scary! Wonderboy wanted to take the logs (pictured) above and make end tables out of them until he saw the quarter-sized beetles that were all over them. They also found quite a few squirrel nests in the limbs, one of them FULL of the fiber filling that used to be in the cushions on my porch seat.

I blame Ninja Squirrel, the big fat squirrel who’s been challenging me, threatening to charge the porch, for years. I blame him because I caught him several times running off with white fluff in his mouth.

I can’t locate a ‘before’ picture but here’s an after. Used to the neighbor across the street’s house was mostly blocked when I stood on the porch and snapped a picture. Now it’s not!

View from my porch of the trimmed Ash tree.

Trimming that tree opened us up to more sunlight!

*Yes, the picture is a bit on the blurry side. It’s not your eyes!


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