How about some food pics?

I’ve had a laundry list of blog posts in my head for a while now and had planned on finally getting them out starting Monday. Suppose I won’t know for sure until the next week or so plays out but I think I’m feeling much of the same thing from the systemic Methotrexate as I was from the pill form. Only, the “raw burning stomach” has been replaced with endless nausea feelings. All I have to do is think about food and it worsens.

Note, my doctor told me only three percent of the population react to the meds like this. Did not make me feel any better then and, because I tend to feel sorry for myself when I don’t feel good, irks me now. So those posts are going to have to wait a bit longer.

I do, however, have a few food pics that have been collecting on my desk during July. Irony? Yes, but I’m wanting to reestablish the habit of blogging as I need it in my life. Need it badly!

New York style cheese cake, homemade

New York style cheese cake, made for Bear’s birthday.

Bear turned 28 in July and wanted a cheese cake for his birthday. I went with a New York style cake, light and fluffy on the inside and took extra steps to make sure it didn’t crack. (re: in an oven bag on a tray that was filled with hot water as it cooked) I figure that’s why it tore a bit as I was loosening it from the sides of the pan. Happens, no?

Bear's birthday cheese cake topped with a blueberry and strawberry sauce

Bear’s birthday cheese cake topped with a blueberry and strawberry fruit sauce.

In the end it didn’t matter as I don’t remember anyone noticing. What they did notice was that the cheese cake was the lightest and fluffiest one they’d ever eaten. I love them that way. Turns out they prefer dense and heavy. They’ve never told me this before or I’d have made a nice dense one for them. Still, it was gone the next day, all but the one slice I had eaten, by the dense-cake lovers.


Savory chicken and waffles with a white pepper gravy.

Savory chicken and waffles with white pepper gravy.

I found a recipe for cheddar bacon waffles and, thanks to a friend trying it out before I made it, adjusted the recipe and made chicken and waffles for Bear’s birthday dinner. Amazing, it was! I added onion powder and celery salt to the dough, 8 slices of chopped bacon, subbed buttermilk (nearly doubled) for milk and an extra half a cup of cheese. So tasty!

If you’re wanting an absolutely incredible gluten-free breading option, Glutino pretzels are out-of-this-world good! I crumb them in my food processor and use in place of traditional bread crumbs. I’m the only one in my family who needs gluten-free but my family prefers it, as do Babygirl’s friends.

Lastly, these gluten-free pancakes taste better than regular pancakes. I found the recipe one night, printed it out and stuck it to the fridge. Mike saw it the next morning and made them. No one, myself included, knew they were gluten-free at first … he had to tell us! Since we’ve had them several times because they’re a total crowd pleaser.

Gluten-free pancakes that don't taste gluten-free

The best pancakes I’ve ever eaten, and they’re gluten-free to boot!

I’d inked adjustments to the recipe after I printed it out. (I’m a recipe-tweaker, can’t help it.) I wrote in to sub buttermilk for the milk (not quite double … buttermilk is thicker!), added 2-3 egg whites (builds elasticity in the dough and makes gluten-free breads fluffy) and cut the oil in half.

I could eat my weight in these things if my stomach weren’t so rotten at the moment!



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