In which I praise my wondrous husband

I’ve complained off-and-on a lot about feeling sick or getting this bug or that bug but, truth be told, I don’t usually get sick sick unless I have strep. I’ve had the flu twice my whole life, once when my kids were little and the other was that horrendous H1N1 a few years back. I may have a wonky immune system that enjoys attacking itself (or my eye sight!) but, in general, I’ve been very fortunate when it comes to getting sick.

Yesterday, however, I was so sick I scared my husband!

Fever. It just kept coming back! I think the fever was the reason he was so worried as it’s very uncharacteristic for me and if it does happen, typically means something’s really wrong. Like, strep. I used to get strep ALL THE FREAKING TIME! Anyway, what worried me was that I kicked my cookies. I haven’t done that since I was pregnant with Blade 25 years ago. (unless I’m having an allergic reaction to meds but that’s different) Yesterday feels like a huge interruption, at this point, and I’m so glad it’s over. I had huge plans for this weekend, plans I finalized in my head on Friday not long before I ‘got sick’ and lost over half my weekend.


I start my new chemo dosage in a couple of hours. It’s possible that since I’m switching to systemic (weekly injections in my tummy) delivery rather than taking pills that go through my GI track, I won’t react to the chemo this time. Still, at this point seeing is believing and I want to be prepared for the (possible) take-down. I made a to-do list in my head to knock out as much as I could over the weekend to ease the burden should I find myself sick and napping on the couch all week.

I wanted to:

  • do laundry
  • hit the floors hard
  • declutter the dining room (a huge and daunting task)
  • spring clean the kitchen (to a point)
  • do something about the awful dog smell in my house
  • reorganize the laundry room
  • clean the bathroom
  • smoke enough food to cover 4-5 days worths of lunches and suppers

What I did was:

  • whine
  • puke
  • nap
  • cry
  • nap
  • played a tiny bit of Clicker Heroes
  • argue that a sip of water was all I needed for the day
  • nap
  • whine some more

Oh, and nap. I napped a lot.

I hadn’t told anyone about this list as I didn’t expect anyone to help. I’d planned on just hitting it when I got up and hoped I’d have my list done by Sunday evening.

Mike didn’t just take care of me yesterday … checking my fever, trying to get me to down a bit of water, making sure my toes weren’t hanging out from under the blanket on the couch as I napped (I hate that, when my toes pop out!) he did my list. All of it! And even bathed the dogs to boot!

I thanked him, of course, and told him, with tears in my eyes, that he’d completed (in one day) the list of chores I’d planned on knocking out over the weekend. He smiled, kissed my forehead and said, “I know”. I asked him how he could possibly know when I hadn’t said a word about it. He said he knew the injections were weighing heavy on me (I”m terrified of needles!!!!) and figured I’d spent time fussing to myself over what needed to be done next week so I could go ahead and do as much of it as I could. He didn’t want me running around trying to play catch-up once the Sickness From Hell was over so he looked around and tried to spot what he thought I would have wanted done.

Is he not simply amazing?!?

Right now he’s out at the bone garden replacing the wooden border logs with concrete thingies from the backyard because I said, at some point, I didn’t like the wooden border anymore and he remembered. He’s doing this while recuperating from the fall he took (that I still haven’t blogged about, huh?) …. a time I should be taking care of him. That’s kind of MIke in a nut shell, though. You can’t stop him, he just keeps going and going and going! That’s probably one of the reasons we work so well, that balance. I can be stopped. On a dime or a whim. My lazy balances out his ‘sun’s up so must do’ thing quite nicely.

He’s my hero!


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  1. Mike does sound like a hero! I hope your new treatments will be an improvement over the old ones.

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