The Worry Doesn’t Stop because They’re Grown

Far from it!

All of my kids are adults now. I’m not sure how or when that happened as it seems it was just yesterday I was cleaning between their fingers, kissing boo-boos and doing my best to convince them eating something green would NOT kill them. You’re picking up Lego’s in the middle of the night, you blink and, suddenly, they’re grown! That fast, I swear!

I want to say this before I go any further: Dad, he’s fine. Promise!

A week ago Blade was invited over to a co-worker’s house to hang out with a couple of friends. He’d just gotten off work and since his friend only lives a few houses up, he walked over. They were hanging out on the back porch so Blade walked around the house and up to the porch. He’d no sooner gotten his foot on the back porch when the friend’s dog, a Lab-Border Collie mix (just like my dog, Moxxie), sprang up and attacked him.

This is a full-grown dog who often runs loose, checking out the neighborhood and never causing any trouble. Well, except for the time he somehow managed to get himself stuck in the city hall building …. Anyway, he’s a very friendly dog by all accounts. I’ve watched this dog sit with Blade in Blade’s back yard, lying at his feet as Blade rubbed him. This wasn’t the first time Blade’s been to the dog’s house, either. There was no loud music, no loud carrying-on, just three or four people sitting on the porch when Blade walked up.

This dog, when he attacked, had Blade’s chin in his mouth. There are bite markings on his neck but none of those required stitches. His face, on the other hand, wasn’t so fortunate. The dog’s teeth tore Blade’s mouth open about an inch starting right at the corner of his mouth. That took five stitches to close. He couldn’t chew for a few days following so I made him a couple of soups  and he drank as much orange juice as he could handle. The doctor prescribed him an antibiotic but my son refuses to ingest “chemicals” like that. Mountain Dew, on the other hand, is not only perfectly acceptable but enjoyed often. Go figure!

He’s healing up without any signs of infection (he says that’s because of the crapton of orange juice he drank) but he’s going to have a nasty little scar. He’s supposed to have the stitches removed this week but I’m half expecting him to clip them himself. We’ll see.

The assumption is that Blade startled the dog. Why the dog didn’t attack his arms or anywhere other than going for his throat is beyond me. Blade walks with his head down, looking at the ground. I’ve wondered if that’s why the worst of this was to his face and not his neck. Wondering like that doesn’t do my head any good and I know this, but, I still wonder.

I can’t think of any decent segue to go here so, moving right along …

Bear, my oldest, has a genetic hip disorder that caused his hip joints to be malformed. He had surgery as a very young teen to have screws put in both joints to hold them together as they, quite literally, fell apart. We’ve known for many years that he would need his hips replaced and, three years ago this fall, he had one replaced. The doctors told him then he had maybe two more years on the other hip before it, too, would need replacement.

Last weekend Bear was helping Mike move our deck. That sucker is heavy and took hours, start to finish, to get it in place. Bear, at some point, slipped on the grass and did a side-split, hurting his hip that has yet to be replaced. He was in so much pain I talked him into going to the doctor. The x-rays have been read by a few doctors so far. One sees a crack in the top of his hip-joint and says he needs to have that hip replaced now. Another says he’s never seen a hip-joint that’s formed like Bear’s and has ordered an MRI so he can get a better idea of what’s going on. He hasn’t heard from the third doctor yet.

He’s pretty upset about the prospects of surgery again. He graduated college in May, has started putting his resume in at a few places and was hoping to have a job as soon as possible. He and Britt are getting married this fall and, boy howdy, he could use the cash! He says the timing is horrid and, on one hand, it is. On the other, he doesn’t have to tell a brand new employer that he needs a few weeks off for replacement surgery and that is worth a ton. I’d rather he go ahead and get this taken care of so he can accept a job without this looming over his head.

He’s mostly concerned with money, specifically, wedding money.

I haven’t blogged about my eyes (like I said I would) because it’s been a hard write. I think I needed a little distance between it and writing my story up because it still feels so …. there. Like, I’m looking over my shoulder rather than facing forward, if that makes sense. I’ll get to it soon(ish). I’ll get a post up this week telling you guys in more detail what happened with Mike Friday. I know some of you have questions … us, too!

Anyway, until then, I hope your week is blissfully uneventful! That sounds amazing to me right now!


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