Blogging from the new office!

We have a house FULL of people and my need for privacy, to be able to shut a door between myself and the rest of the house is great. When I go to bed at night I certainly do this but, downstairs, my office afforded no such perks what with the open double door way right off the living room. Our junk room was much smaller but it had a door, one that I could open and or shut, and it called to me. Strongly!

It took a good three weeks to get everything sorted, out of there and put up but we did it! I still have a few bins to sort in the old office or, as Boo says, her ‘playroom office’, but the job is mostly done. My back isn’t fond of me, nor my ankle (twisted it while moving a heavy bin) but the old junk room/new office feels like I have my own space now and that, people, is worth its weight in gold!

Grandbaby, aka Boo


I figure my dad has been wanting to see more pictures of Boo, (Grandbaby), so I took a couple this morning. Pardon the weedy patch there behind her. When she wears a skirt or a dress she says she’s a Princess. This morning she wanted “Princess hair” … that’s the best I could do. She doesn’t care, though. She deemed it beautiful after staring at herself in the mirror.

Grandbaby (aka Boo) posing on the porch


Potty training has gone much better this go round than I imagined it would! She’s still not happy about pooping in the potty but, save for maybe a handful of (pee) accidents, if that many, she’s taken to the potty well. What’s surprised me the most is that she’ll put herself on the potty and sit there until she pees, even if it takes forever! She’s funny.

She’s turning three soon and her parents have asked if we can all go to the zoo together. Sounds like a fun trip! Her birthday is in June so I need to hurry up and finalize plans for it, meaning, decide on a day/time and order tickets. I think Boo will enjoy the zoo more this year than she did the last time we took her. I know Grandpa’s arms will!



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