Feeding My Paranoia A Regular Diet of Fright

When I was a teenager a man entered my house through the unlocked front door and confronted me in front of my bathroom door. That experience left me paranoid about unwanted people coming into my house when I’m unaware. I’ve been double checking locks on doors and windows ever since and if I think I hear something in the house at night, I check every room in my house until I’m satisfied it was either one of our pets or my crazy and paranoid mind dreamed it up.

A month or so back I was watching TV one night. I’d been hearing a noise coming from the basement room directly under our living room but since I’d already made sure the house was locked up tight, and my dogs hadn’t barked, I ignored it. When my guard Pug, Nugget, barked and ran through the cat door to the basement steps and proceeded to bark his flat little face off, my stomach clenched. I called my daughter to come downstairs with me as I checked the basement out. I feel a little better knowing she’s right behind me with her phone and, should something happen, can run and call for help.

She was at the top of the basement steps when I stepped into the basement proper. We heard a “thump” and a sliding noise at the exact same moment as someone started banging on our front door. I turned to run for a knife in the kitchen … she was GONE! Turns out she’d been on the phone with her boyfriend when I’d called her. He, in turn, told my son Wonderboy (he lived with my sons at this point), and Wonderboy ran the four houses down to our house super fast thinking someone was in our house. We told him about the noises in the basement and he checked the entire house several times before going back to his house.

I was a little shaken up. I stood in the bathroom a few moments later staring in the mirror thinking, ‘Man, what a freaking night‘ when the mirror that’s bolted to the wall shook. Shook and shook again. Someone was trying to brute-force my back door so hard it was shaking the house. My daughter, Babygirl, and my daughter-in-law, Britt, both woke up and came downstairs. Babygirl thought a car was hitting the house it was so loud! Britt was pale and shaken, asking what was going on. I was standing in the middle of our dining room, rooted to the floor in fear, watching for someone to come round the corner from the back door. I’ve never been so terrified in my life! I thought someone had seen Wonderboy leave, waited a few minutes after seeing all the lights go off, and then tried to break in.

Turns out it was Wonderboy. He’d tried to call me after getting home and when I didn’t answer, he panicked, assumed the worst and was trying his best to get in the house and save us. Once everyone was back in bed and my son back at his house, I stood in the kitchen and cried. It’s a wonder I was able to go to sleep at all that night!

Last night I fell asleep watching TV. When I woke I turned the TV and lights off and decided to get a quick shower before going to bed. I’m a smoker and wanted a cigarette so I headed to the front porch as I don’t smoke in the house. It’s half past midnight and the last thing I expected that late at night was for my son to pop out and scream at me when I opened the front door. He thought scaring me was the funniest thing in the world. I tossed more than a few very choice words his way which only served to make him laugh harder. He’d come over to use our wifi and, thinking I was in bed asleep, was just chilling on the porch as he downloaded the app he wanted.

Completely awake I locked the front door and then showered. I had carried my cigarette case to the bathroom by mistake so I went to put it by the front door before heading up to bed. People, my front door, the one I’d locked just twenty minutes prior, was freaking OPEN! Completely, OPEN!

I ran back to the bathroom, grabbed my phone to call my daughter while looking for something to use as a weapon. Long(er) story short, her boyfriend (who now lives with us … long story I don’t care to get into really), had gone outside for a smoke. He never smokes that late. He cuts himself off at 10:30pm and has done an amazing job sticking to that self-imposed limit, so good he never even crossed my mind. But then, when is paranoia ever a reasoned thinker?

I had a dilly of a time plugging my charging cable into my phone when I went to bed last as my hands had a case of the shakes! Last night did nothing for my paranoia, well, nothing good anyway.


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