Having to pick and choose what to play

My computer has been in a state of ‘I don’t wanna work anymore’ for a good while now and after my processor started over-heating (scorched the arctic white enough so it was almost black) my husband, Mike, bought a few new pieces of equipment to give her a long and over-due update. I have a brand new motherboard, one so sleek it laughed until it cried at the sight of my old board. The old board, bought to replace the original (dead) motherboard, was a refurbished bare bones replacement to hold her over until we could swing getting a new one. My new processor is sweet and he upgraded the RAM from 6GBs to 16GBs.

I am in Heaven!

He also bought a 240GB SSD. I’m so glad he did as my Windows HD refuses to boot with the new equipment. Actually, it’s not doing much of anything without great laggy and loud protests! This new drive combined with my old one giving out presented me with a few decisions, namely, which games do I put on my SSD? I thought long and hard about this and decided to go with a few Origin games.

Games I have installed to Origin and my SSD

The number one game I get the most lag/freeze-ups/crashes with is my Sims game. I knew I couldn’t put all of my Origin games on this drive else I’d run out of room (space) before even playing one so I had to look into how to properly move games around with Origin. I installed a fresh copy of Origin onto my SSD (Origin plays much nicer with your Origin Games if they’re on the same drive from what I’ve read) and then took a good long look at the games I have in Origin.

Origin games I have

I hid all of my Sims 3 games and expansions (had more than I thought!) as well as Bejeweled something or other, KoA (have that one on Steam, too) and some other game. That left the ones in the above screenshot. I bought the EA/Humble Bundle last week and although I separated DA:O from the bundle and sent it to my daughter BEFORE I took the code for the games left in the bundle, it didn’t work. I already have DA:O through Steam. The bundle is how I also now have a second copy of Mass Effect (sent that one to my son … still irked they couldn’t accept the games!). I knew I was moving DA:I and the Sims 4 over so that was easy. I had to stare at the rest of the games for a bit for it to hit me … I can uninstall games when I’m done with them, a concept I have a hard time with and only ever do when needing to free up space.

Once I’ve finished Mass Effect, for instance, I’ll remove it and move ME:2 over. I don’t finish a ton of games so this will, hopefully, inspire me to play to completion more and uninstall when I’m done with them. I should do this same thing with Steam but, again, I don’t finish a lot of games. Lot of work to do still over there!

Today I need to grab the rest of those Origin games and move them to my external drive so when I’m ready to play them I can install them rather than having to redownload them. I *think* I’ve gotten everything off my old hard drive that I needed to save otherwise. Now to just brute-force a bit of gaming time into my schedule to make sure this all works! Hoping for flawless! (meaning, no buggy paths or stuck screens because I didn’t move everything correctly ….)


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