Scarred from soiling her panties!

There are times that I feel that child rearing, as much as I’ve done this over the years, isn’t always hard. It’s almost routine, lots of it, that I could do in my sleep. I wonder if it’s thinking along those lines that calls for a kid like Grandbaby to enter your life and scramble those thoughts back into the realm of sensical.

Grandbaby (I call her Boo so will do that from here on out) is a very strong-willed child. She’ll be three in June and has been in some stage of potty training since she turned two. It’s not that she doesn’t understand the concept more so than she’s able to thwart the process at will. This, combined with her need to be in charge and ruling over us, has made the whole ordeal of potty training very trying! I can’t stress that enough! VERY! TRYING!

She knows what to do and how to do it but she doesn’t want to do it. When she saw me coming with the potty or if she realized I was taking her to the potty, she’d hurry up and pee in her diaper so she wouldn’t have to on her potty. After months of frustration failing to combat the iron-clad will of Lil’ Miss Stubborn, I gave up. It was either let it go for a while or go insane. My hope was that if I stopped pushing she’d start.

DIdn’t happen that way. She had no desire to use her potty.

I decided yesterday was THE DAY, the day I’d make a huge stab at getting her potty trained and I did so by removing her security ‘blanket’. I took her out of diapers and put her into big girl panties. Pull-ups have failed to work with her because, in her mind, it’s really just a diaper. Her big-girl Frozen themed undies could not be confused with a diaper and I expected this to completely shake things up. And, to be honest, they did! The results, however, were as opposite as I could have imagined.

She peed in the first pair, as we expected. I didn’t scold her in any way but, instead, put her on the potty and explained that if she peed in her potty she wouldn’t get pee on Anna again. She peed on her potty and we reacted with celebration! Some time later she peed in the second pair only, this time, she was visibly upset. Her eyes filled with tears and I noticed she seemed not only seemed a little frustrated and angry, but also a little scared as I tried to coax her off her potty and into a third pair of undies.

She refused to get off the potty. I thought it was because she realized she needed to pee or poop. I’m not sure how long she sat on that potty but it was close to an hour. We tried to bribe her off her potty with candy, chocolate milk (this girl will do ANYTHING for her beloved chocolate milk!) and even macaroni and cheese. I tried, my sons tried, my daughter tried. We all failed. She scooted around the dining room on her potty with a look of contentment on her face. When she finally told us what it would take to get her off the potty and into her high chair for supper I had to suppress a laugh.

She said she’d only get off the potty if we put a diaper on her.

Soiling her panties has scarred her. She does not like the feeling of her legs getting wet and peeing in the floor upsets her. It’s supposed to, might I add, upset her so that she wants to use the potty. I had no idea it would be as traumatic for her as it was, however, so I’m unsure what to do next. Continue with her big-girl panties knowing she may glue her bum to the potty? I could use apple juice and a twenty-minute timer (get her on the potty within twenty minutes of drinking a cup of the juice) but too much apple juice has a negative effect on … other bodily functions with her. I can’t even imagine how upsetting THAT would be for her!

I’ve never had this much trouble potty training a kid before but I’ve never tried to potty train my overload and ruler either. So frustrating! I was using a candy jar full of M&Ms as a reward for using her potty but she no longer needs that candy, she says. Master Thwarter, that’d be a great name for this one.


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