ACNL: The March fishing tourney got me

…. and not in a good way.

I knew the March fishing tourney was coming up and I decided I would be prepared to win this sucker and win it EARLY! I’ve carefully fished for over a week, keeping track of my catches and their measurements by carefully logging where I put each caught and saved fish into Google Keep. The fish for March are Crucian Carp, Horse Mackerel and the Loach. I haven’t caught a single Horse Mackerel in a couple of weeks but I had a bag of Crucian Carp and Loach fish, each one pulled from my storage inventory and placed into my bag by order of size from smallest to largest. I wanted to make sure I turned the fish in in such a way so that each one was a bigger catch and, therefore, I’d get my special reward with each turn as subsequent entries would go up in size, thus raising the bar so to speak.

I fired Animal Crossing up at 8:30AM, thirty minutes before the start of the tourney, to make sure I had time make sure I loaded my bag with the fish in the right order and be at the tourney turning in to Chip before any other resident had a chance to beat me to the punch. There are two different collectible sets of rewards you can earn from the monthly fishing tourneys. Last month I earned four or five items, a mix between the two sets along with the underwater flooring. I was looking forward to getting closer to finishing one of those sets so I could up my housing score!

What I failed to understand was that the fish for March wasn’t actually Crucian Carp, Horse Mackerel and Loach but instead Crucian Carp, Horse Mackerel OR Loach.  OR. Such a simple little word and one that, obviously, I either can’t read or just don’t understand. I proudly talked to Chip with my bag full of Crucian Carp and Loach only to discover he would accept nothing but Horse Mackerel for this fishing tourney.

Oh. My. Ghod!

I not only felt like a ninny but I was a tad embarrassed I’d so carefully kept track of the wrong fish for over a week. Ugh. I’ve decided I don’t care enough about March’s fishing tourney to participate after all. Next month is “any fish” which means there are no restrictions on what’s allowable so I’ll just hit the island and save my shark catches, carefully logging them by size and placement so I can enter them in such a way as to gain reward for each turn in. I guess we’ll just call March an almost practice run.

Excuse me while I go pound rocks and shake trees. Must vent somehow and, besides, I still have a loan to repay on my upstairs room.

Stupid Chip.


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