LotRO: That was quick!

LotRO lvl 90 raid boss in Forochel

While leveling in Forochel this gigantic lvl 90 boss appeared in front of me so I decided to see how close I could get before it aggro’d on my little lvl 43 Beorning. Turns out I was able to stand RIGHT beside this beast as if we were buds! When I first saw him I was fighting something, probably a big cat and just knew he was going to charge and kill me. I was careful not to use my AoE skill, however, and he just moseyed along as if I wasn’t even there. Which is what led me to wondering how close I could get. Which, in turn, is what led to this.

LotRO one-shot death

I must have stepped on his tusk as I tried to run off. I didn’t make it two seconds away from him before he one-stomped me to death. Or shot. Or tusked. Happened so fast I’ve no idea what evil method he used to send me to the rezz circle. Maybe he was upset I didn’t ask for his autograph when I took his picture? The ego!

I wanted to get to level 45 so I could pick back up with the Angmar Epic, the one that takes me to Carn Dum. I worked hard at that this weekend, also hoping to score a loot box. I did not get a loot box to drop but I did get a sturdy key. I also hit level 45 and ran to talk to Lorinel in Gath Forthnir again so I could continue my Epic journey. I’d meant to get my first legendary before heading to Angmar but I forgot and since I’m not parked in front of Skorgim’s Tomb I suppose it can wait until I finish up in Thorins.

Speaking of, the craziest thing happened when I went to talk to Dwalin.

LotRO Thorin's Hall

I turned to run back down the ramp and looked out at the empty Thorin’s Hall. Suddenly I remembered sparring in the corner off to the right. I remembered crafting in groups in Thorin’s because of easy access to our vaults. I remembered being in a HUGE crowd of people on one of several layers fighting random ‘end of beta’ like boss mobs in the foyer area. I remembered fishing with friends in Thorin’s, each of us complaining that looking at the water while fishing made us light-headed. So very many memories hit all at once and, before I knew it, I was sad. Like, maybe my eyes were a little wet, kind of like they might be now as I write this.

I miss my friends, my kin-mates, those times.

Anyway, I didn’t linger too long because I was excited to get back to the Epics. Next time I go in I hope to finish this book and the next. It’s just getting to the good stuff!


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  1. What’s all this about Skorgrim’s Tomb and LIs? Something new?

  2. “I remembered being in a HUGE crowd of people on one of several layers fighting random ‘end of beta’ like boss mobs in the foyer area.”

    Good ol’ F2P beta, when we were testing layers (and Sapience was there). I could have sworn I had screenshots or a video of that but I don’t see any. I take it back, I found a video: http://youtu.be/ODRS_Jub6nA That was before they opened up character transfers because they wanted us to test the new starter areas, so we were all lowish levels (I’m 16 in the video). Not sure why I don’t have any screenshots of this, it’s usually something I take at least one of.

  3. Thorin’s Hall busy…I would love to see that!

  4. Awww. The last part made me feel sad as well. It always feels like that too when I come to a place that used to be full of people and now it’s all deserted. I just try to not think about it and approach the game as if it were a single-player game. Or well, duo-player game, as I level together with my boyfriend.

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