LotRO: Deed poll results surprised me!

Deed poll results (lotro)

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A week ago I asked you guys why you deed in LotRO. I allowed for multiple answers in the poll and assumed the answer that would get the fewest votes was “You’re a completionist”. That choice came in second! You guys have blown my mind (in a good way). I thought the top two choices would be “Virtues” and “Turbine Points”. While “Virtues” was the most voted on “Turbine Points” came in third, followed by “Reputation”, “Boredom”, “I don’t really *do* deeds” and “Skirmish Marks”. I wish I’d also added a choice for gold as you can make pretty good bank deeding!

Since the completionist answer shocked me I’m thinking of making another poll. Color me intrigued but I really want to know how far the completionist goes in you guys. In my head I absolutely am a completionist and it bugs me greatly that I never finish them all. I’ve come close to having an empty deed log before but, so far, it’s escaped my grasp. Maybe one day …

I’ll look around and see if I can come up with the right/best way to do a poll on being a completionist (for deeds) and if I feel it’s ‘complete‘ enough, I’ll post it next week. 🙂

You guys rock! Thanks so much for obliging me on this poll!


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  1. Complete Completionist Census? Cool!

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