ACNL: Feng Shui my butt!

Animal Crossing New Leaf house arrangement


Today was fruit picking day in ACNL for me. I’ve been waiting to pick until all the trees were ready, which was yesterday, but I gave it one more day to make sure. I could gather all the fruits on the same day. I gathered everything except for the beach trees, bananas and coconuts. When I went down the ramp to one of my beaches I started running to get to the end as I like to start at a ‘beginning’ and work my way up. I saw Gulliver asleep on the shore and decided I’d get to him after I’d collected the fruits. As I ran past him I tripped and face planted in the sand.

Oh, I thought, I guess I have to talk to him as soon as I see him.

I woke him up (Good LORD does it take forever to wake him!) and helped him remember he’d been heading towards Greece. Then I started running again. I tripped and face planted right before getting to the end of my beach, and then a few more times before I was done with all of the fruit gathering. Weird, I thought, something must be wrong! So I hit Google to see what was up.

Turns out my physical luck was bad but, never fear, there’s a way to improve it! Feng Shui to the rescue!

This game is crazy! I had no idea you could use Feng Shui to improve the different types of luck (that, by the way, are randomized at the start of each day) you use. Green items help with physical luck (mosquito bites, ability to get away from bees, tripping and face planting while you run, …). Red items help improve your chances of finding items (furniture that drops for trees, for instance) and yellow items help your luck on the bells (money) front. Not every item corresponds to a color used by the Feng Shui system and, apparently, where you get the item makes a difference. The Wario hat I’m sporting in the above screen shot was a purchase I made from the Able Sisters clothing shop. It’s yellow but, according to the chart linked above, doesn’t count. Had I gotten the Wario Hat from a fortune cookie it would absolutely count as a yellow decoration to help improve my bell luck.


Anyway. I cross-referenced everything I had in storage against the charts (above link) and used what I had to Feng Shui myself out of the embarrassing face-planting I’d been doing. DID. NOT. HELP! I even had a resident come talk to me to warn me it was dark and I needed to be careful, to watch where I was going. Haha, Nintendo. Thanks for that.

I also came across an article (somewhere, closed that tab hours ago) about the catalog system. Apparently you can earn medals based on your pack-rattery, something I’m failing at as I use items I consider dumb or worthless drops as presents in mail when I send my weekly mails to every resident. Oh wells. I have earned a few badges, the first one being the Fish Maniac badge.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Fish Maniac badge

I can’t remember what the others were for at the moment and since my DS is charging (was a blinkin’ red on me!) I’ll have to wait and find out later. There’s still so much I’m learning about this game, ironic given I honestly thought it was just a simple little time-waster. I had no idea how complex the game was! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to run around to my lil’ hearts content without face fulls of dirt every few steps.

/Crossing my feng-shui-ers (I know, that was bad, wasn’t it?)



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