Stressful day demands the obliteration of pixels

Life with a two-year old can be stressful. They’re cute, sweet, cuddly, want to please, demanding, messy, gross, stubborn, loud wielders of a power (they think is) much greater than yours. And they’re right, mainly because they’re cute. She wanted eggs and sausage for lunch so her and I went into the kitchen. I saw something in the microwave and found a leftover grilled cheese from last night. I tossed it to Moxxie, my lab, and went to crack eggs into a frying pan. I turned just in time to see Grandbaby snatch that sandwich from Moxxie’s mouth.


Moxxie let out a ridiculously loud angry bark and took the sandwich back, scaring the poop out of Grandbaby in the process. It’s a wonder she didn’t nip her, or worse. You just don’t mess with a dog’s food when they’re eating! The day has been downhill since with Grandbaby acting out, yelling at my dogs, yelling at me …. she’s stubborn to a fault. I’d planned on playing LotRO during her nap today but since she stood the entire time, screaming at me to let her out or egg me into arguing with her, that never happened.

Yesterday was like this as well as the day before ….

I want a hot shower, fast food and to play something that will allow me to vent frustration on as many pixels as possible. STAT! Sometimes I game because it’s fun or the story is great, once in a while out of boredom but there are days it’s straight up a way to vent … release … distract from what feels impossible as I obliterate whatever is in front of me. Today is one of those days.

I have a feeling my only hopes of gaming this evening will be along the lines of Peggle or that match-3 game I have on my phone right now (no clue what it’s called) but I’ll take it to tide me over until I can watch my broad axe in action again.


Posted on February 26, 2015, in Gaming. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. They can be a little like Orcs or Hobbits on any given day, can’t they? Good to take your frustrations out on pixelated enemies on days like this.

  2. When my sons turn into two trolls, thankfully I can cool down in LOTRO 🙂

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