I want more PEGGLE!

Peggle Nights Undercover Unicorn picture

I’ve been playing Peggle Nights the last couple of nights and having a blast! It’s not a hard game to play, more of a time-waster, really, but it’s cute and gives enough immediate gratification to keep me playing. The humor is silly but fun, the graphics colorfully cartoony and the music is pretty cool. I’ve been wanting to delve into games that require a lot more time and concentration, games like Dragon Age, LotRO, GW2 or even The Witcher 2 but my two-year old Granddaughter has had other ideas. I will not pay attention to anything other than her and, if she thinks I am depriving her, she’ll run up and ‘fast type’ on my keyboard hitting as many keys as she can before I grab her hands or pick her up and move her away from my keyboard. She once insta-killed my party in DA2 with a keystroke I’ve yet to be able to identify. Girl means business!

So Peggle Nights has allowed me to game in tiny chunks AND pay attention to her every whim.

Peggle Nights humor

This morning I remembered seeing something about Peggle 2 as I was closing Steam last night and looked it up. Peggle 2? I wants! I NEED MORE PEGGLE! Way to crush me PopCap/EA. I want to play it on my computer, not my console. And, for the record, you irked me off when you didn’t release Plants Vrs Zombies 2 on PC also. I played that on my phone, tried to like it on that platform but wound up uninstalling that crazy big waste of a download because I didn’t enjoy it on that platform. I can’t count how many times I played, replayed, replayed and replayed again the first PvZ game … I was addicted and a HUGE fan girl. You killed that in me by not letting me play on my computer, though.

*in the voice of Gomer Pyle, “Shame shame shame!”*

Peggle 2 was originally an exclusive for Xbox One but has since come to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4. I’m not seeing PC as an upcoming platform and that’s crushed me. Peggle is such a neat little game! It’s cute, it’s casual, it’s addictive! Maybe we’ll get it for 360 but I don’t see that as likely.

Sad Panda out.




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  1. It’s so simple yet rewarding! I love it!

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