Greenlight Picks #4

I don’t have five picks today but I do have four I found in my voting queue (had to request a new queue several times) that I voted “Yes” on. Check them out and see what you think!


Home is Where One Starts: This game has beautifully drawn art that sets the mood for the story wonderfully. You’re a little girl wanting more from life, not really wanting to go back to the home that she knows but the one she knows is out there. Says it’s along the same lines as Dear Esther and Gone Home and comes with controller and Oculus Rift DK2 support.

Stairs: This is a psychological horror game where a journalist is investigating the disappearance of three people. Each level has it’s own story that’s entwined into the main story. I’m assuming each level represents one of the missing people with, possibly, one level for the journalist? It sounds interesting, asking to allow them to show us this man’s journey into madness. What lurks on each level? Will he find the missing people and, if he does, will it lead to his own undoing? That’s my take on it, anyway.

The Adventures of Tree: Ok, this one looks adorably cute! It’s a hand drawn survival game where you explore an open world (though, how open?) to look for items you’ll need in order to survive such as an axe, lantern, … You earn currency you’ll need to buy items from doing quests and can use that to buy food, for instance, or upgrade your kit. Watching the trailer had me smiling the entire time. Will definitely pick this game up when it comes out on Steam!

Akuatica: Interesting. You’re a little fish trying to find where you belong. The art style is different from games I’ve played before which isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually what made me take a second look at this game. There are boss battles as well as puzzles and exploration. They use the word “Horror” to describe it but I think it’s more about how terrifying it must be for this tiny fish to get to know this brand new environment along with surviving it, more than a traditional horror game. Not complaining! Sounds, well, interesting!


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