LotRO: That world chat channel

LotRO, taking in the view in Evendim

There’s so much beauty in LotRO it’s down right mesmerizing at times. Evendim is one of many gorgeous locales where it’s easy to lose track of time as you stare at the landscape and imagine what it’d be like to walk around in Middle Earth. The immersion, in these instances, is incredible! Then something in chat catches your attention and brings your focus back to what you were doing, running quests or deeding or what have you. I’ve been on Landroval for quite a while now and the chat servers are always light and helpful and fun with a good dose of RP to mix things up.

Or, it used to be that way.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve ‘left’ glff on other servers because the chat content was foul and unwelcome. I’ve never experienced that on Landroval until this weekend and, to be honest, I suppose I thought this server was kind of immune from that type of behaviour. I’m not sure what started the ruckus but what caught my attention was a bunch of folks trying to calm it down. I was deeding at the time and welcomed the distraction at first. I even laughed a bit once I caught on and went back to deeding. Then the colored font hit and demanded my attention again.

Why do people find it necessary to use colored text to make disgustingly vulgar … I forget the term but it’s like a picture made from symbols?

I just don’t see a use for it. Maybe I’m just old but I didn’t appreciate it at all. I suppose in any online gathering of people with varying ages you’re going to see something from time to time but, in Middle Earth? This could be quite common now and since I only half pay attention to chat every once and awhile I’ve missed seeing it before, but still. Earlier there’d been a very LotRO-ish conversation going on that I did appreciate but some voiced displeasure with such a conversation going on in world chat, demanding they take it to tells. Different strokes for different folks  …

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed world chat since I’ve come back to the game as I never feel *completely* alone, even when I’m in Angmar and there’s no one around. World chat makes me feel that I’m playing the game with others without having to be grouped up and working on someone elses time. Even though I’m complaining about it here, I wish they’d implemented this sooner and, in all honesty, I’d love to see cross server channels!

I’m on a serious deeding kick with my Beorning, the character that wasn’t going to deed, so I’ll be half-ignoring half- reading the chat later today no doubt. It’s not all bad. But, really, stop with the stupid pron art.

Don’t forget my poll asking why you deed in LotRO!


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  1. I’m sorry you had a bad World weekend. I wasn’t much on but I’ve rarely have seen foul things (although I did from time to time) on Landroval. Usually people start to ignore and/or report the offenders and it calms down quickly.

  2. I find all the chat channels in LOTRO very calm, only every so often does a topic light up a channel but I also find chatting while playing is almost impossible, so I can either read/write or play and the latter always wins.

    • I think this was on Big E but we were running SG in Mirkwood when the group asked why our champ and myself were so quiet. Glff had a ‘replace a word in a movie title with Wookie’ thing going on and it was hilarious! Usually I can play and read just fine but that one had both the champ and me in stitches to the point we nearly wiped the group. 🙂

  3. I only use colored chat for one thing: advertising the weekly LOTRO Store freebie in /world chat with a macro every couple hours. And I just use a very subtle off-white color. Enough that it would catch your eye if you’re already reading the chat window, but not distract you otherwise. (At least I hope!)

  4. It’s always like that, really. Even back before World chat, the old GLFF channel on Landy would be trolled on a regular basis. It’s not as bad as other servers (I remember GLFF on Siverlode as being notably vile back when I played over there) or other games, but none of it is worth reading. One person’s “comic” is another person’s annoying git.

    I turn off all chat except guild/fellowship/raid and my private channels.

  5. I’m on Evernight, the World Chat is awful there, full of trolls every day. Ignoring them doesn’t work because of the people who take the bait and you end up either turning the channel off or getting annoyed reading the replies to comments the trolls are making that you can’t even read, which is almost as bad. I really wish Turbine would take some action against the trollers, they can’t be getting punished because they never disappear.

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