#LotRO: Why do you deed?

LotRO Bree deeding

I opened the LotRO Store today and saw that I was down to 17 Turbine Points. While it shouldn’t bother me, it did and so I decided to start deeding to earn a few points. I’m working Bree, nearly done, and will move on to either The Shire or Thorin’s next. Seemingly endless mindless slaughter for points to buy pretty baubles has gotten me thinking about what motivates us to deed in LotRO. Decided to ask you guys, via poll, to see what gets you in the mood to deed. Thanks for participating!

(If you do not see the poll in your reader you’ll need to click over to view and vote.)


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  1. I voted for virtues but is actually a completionist factor as well. Oh and an added bonus the TP is nice…

    Just gone back to Evendim, missed this area on my RK and there are lots of deeds to be done!

    • That there are! The tomb location deed is pretty cool. I thought about adding a choice for gold but sometimes I wonder if it’s just me that does that. Seems so many have oodles of gold in game, I’m usually broke. LOL.

      • The gold comes and goes very easily in LOTRO … On LANDY using the AH you can get quite rich simply selling mats… on Withy I find AH pretty dead and am embarrassed to sell at stupid high prices!

  2. Mainly, I like to revisit grey regions and finish the story there (I even finished Volume I !!!). I complete most deed there too, but I skip the really low spawn rate ones (chills in Forochel, for instance).

    TP and Virtues are an added bonus, specially since I am often behind in raiding competence compared to my kinnies.

  3. I used to do them for the character titles. 🙂

  4. Completionist. I do all the deeds I can, on-level. I hate back-tracking, but have been known to go back and solo instances like Garth Agarwen, Urugarth, Carn Dum etc just to finish deeds.

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