Not a very frugal week on the games front

Actually, on any front but, whatever.

One of my big goals this year is to spend less on all fronts possible and save money in as tangible a way as possible. I want to be able to put my hands on me money and not just when I’m at a check-out! I’ve done well on that front, too, until this week. Microsoft has games on sale via their xBox Marketplace so I bought LEGO:Marvel. I tried to buy Mass Effect but it errored out several times. No clue why but if they don’t want to take my money, Steam does, right?

I have Overlord pulled up as I type, trying to decide if I want to buy the single game, complete pack or skip it. It’s on sale, though, and …. it looks FUN!

Let’s see, where else have I spent? Oh, Bundle Stars. Bought the puzzle bundle today because I’m weak for cute puzzle games. I almost bought the Humble Square Enix bundle because I really want the game Thief but I talked myself down since I already have Tomb Raider and Deus Ex. I thought I had the Hitman game, too, but I can’t find it.

I should also mention here that had I been able to buy Mass Effect via the Marketplace I would have bought a third game, mostly because I like buying xBox games in threes. No clue why, just do.

I also bought Minecraft toys through Woot for my daughter’s birthday, then gave them to her the day they arrived. Shipping was FAST and I’m blaming that for giving them to her over two months early.  It doesn’t sound like a ton I guess but if I get Overlord I’m going to buy Peggle Nights as well because a bundle of puzzle games just isn’t enough now is it? The good thing is that everything was on sale (Peggle Nights isn’t but it’s only a fiver) so it could be worse. I skipped the Exploding Kittens kickstarter because I’m trying not to spend and it doesn’t appeal to me. It would have made a great gift for any of my sons but I figure they have jobs and can spend their own money.


When the itch to spend, especially on more games to add to your growing mountain of games you have no time for, hits, what do you do to quell it? I need ideas because I’m starting to feel the weakness strengthen …


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  1. I’m pretty good on the game front since I only play PC games or games for my mobile devices. My son, who has every game system has a much harder time of it.

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