ACNL: I built a Snowman!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Snowman

Those snowballs you find in your town that look like soccer balls made of snow? I’ve tried and tried to push them around, make them big to see if a snowman would magically appear in front of my eyes. Instead, I push them into then river, off a cliff or into a tree. Every. Time. UGH! Finally I had one to a decent side and gently guided it over a bridge where I knew I’d seen another one earlier in the day. I rolled the second one all the way across the map (I’d been wrong about where it was) until it touched the bigger one. BLAM! Instant snowman!! I had no idea it really worked that way. I’d figured I’d go hunting for a third ball to see if I could ‘make’ a snowman. Ha!

He’s given me a bingo card but I fear I won’t be able to play the card out before the snow melts. Still, it’s fun! I made another snow(wo)man today and she’s given me a few snow deco items for my house. Wish I’d tried harder when I first got the game so I’d have a chance to make more snow people and see what happens!


Animal Crossing New Leaf dream suite


One of my residents asked for the Dream Suite to be built so I obliged. Once built a gave it a spin and visited a town in my ‘dreams’. I saw animals I didn’t know existed in game, none of which even resemble my own town residents. They were most all dressed in some sort of armour or other and each one recognized me as being a stranger. Then I saw it. Persimmon trees! I was so stoked at the idea of harvesting a tree and being able to plant those fruits in my own town. I also harvest coconut, cherry, pear and peaches! I caught a bug I hadn’t yet seen and couldn’t wait to get back to Chicago, my town.

Only, even though the dream towns offer you shovels, nets, axes, fishing poles, … everything you’d need to gather, you can’t bring anything home with you outside of flag designs.

Flag designs. How’s that for epic?

It’s not. I was bummed when the new fruit wasn’t in my bags. I didn’t care so much about the bug but, those fruit trees!!! I need to look into how I can aquire those fruits on my own. I have apple, orange, banana, lychee, lemon and mango trees so far. I need the others to complete my fruity soul!

The house (Mayor, player I’m assuming?) in that town had three levels and extra rooms. WAS HUGE! I had no idea you could have that much house so now I’m committed to paying off my home loan so I can expand. That and a silly flag design is all I got from the Dream Suite and, frankly, I fail to see the point. I mean, it’s neat to look at other’s places but why couldn’t I bring home a pear? Is that really too much to ask???


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