Seeing Owned DLC in Steam Library

Steam Library showing DLC

Is this a new feature? I’ve wondered before if I had the DLCs for this or that game but to find out I always right click on the title in question (from in my library list) and check for DLC there. Tonight I noticed DLC was showing right in the window when I clicked on games (that I have bought DLC for). How neat is that? I clicked through a few games I thought I had DLC packs for but nothing showed. Not sure if I haven’t bought them or they don’t exist. If my connection wasn’t so craptastic tonight I’d pull up the store pages for those games and check.

Speaking of, I’m 99% positive we’re going to switch providers to the new wireless provider in our area. So far the service has been excellent (my oldest son switched theirs over for him and his wife) and I’m very impressed. It’s only been a week but after barely being able to open simple web pages last night, for hours, I’m ready to jump ship. Just, I don’t have a wireless card and my board doesn’t have the capability. Soon, I hope!


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  1. Yes, the DLC listing feature was added in the most recent Steam beta version. It was probably released in full a few days ago.

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