LotRO: Slogging through my 40s

LotRO rites of the Clucath

The focus for my Beorning has been the Epic books and, in order to be able to do them, sometimes I have to level her up so she can continue her Epic journey. I’m on the cusp of having a large amount of available Epics but I have to gain enough levels to get there. I’ve finished Epic Vol. 1, Book 6 and gained access to eastern Angmar but since I’m a level 42, I need to get to level 43 to pick up where I left off with Lorniel. Once I ding again I’ll be asked to go talk to Laerdan which will start some of the best written of all the Epics I’ve experienced to date.

Most of these Epics coming up are level 50 quests which means I need to be within five levels to start them. I think I should, at the very least, get to level 44 so I can get the story without so much start-stop-start-stop. That means questing or skirmishing or crafting or a mix. I suppose I could do on level+ deeds even but deeds aren’t her focus right now. I hate deeds at the moment and will get to them if I feel I must!

I’ve quested most of Aughaire, including doing all of Crannog’s challenges through the Rite of Clucath. It struck me that my team had this down no problem given all of our names start with the letter ‘C’, giving us a crazy advantage over the Trev Duvardain during the Clucath. (Alliteration always wins, no?) Crannog, Cana and Condi showed compassion instead of callousness during the Clucath, issuing a cease to the Trev Duvardain’s claims of rites.

I’ll stop now, with the C thing anyway.

This is what was running through my head, however, as I quested there because I was bored. Had to find some way to entertain myself. Usually I enjoy Angmar but it not only felt dated to me that day I only saw two other people the entire time I was there. Dated, desolate and depressing. When I realized I had to level again before continuing with the Epics I decided to jump to Forochel, hoping to find more folks there instead. I’m not sure if I saw a single person though there was someone listed as being in the area. This is the group of levels I detest in LotRO, the 40s. I can’t remember a time I looked forward to them really, as, regardless the zone, it all feels the same. It’s like Rohan only bleaker. What used to help getting through these levels was the promise of Carn Dum, my most favorite dungeon in the game. I don’t have high hopes of getting a group together to run that one now. How sad is that! Carn Dum is something, I think, everyone in LotRO should experience. I know I’m biased but it is epic in so many ways and, oh, the crazy fun memories I have of that place!


Anyway, so what to do? Angmar, Forochel or Misty Mountains? I don’t really want to do either area. I’d rather start Eregion really.

If I had a magic wand I’d start with the deeds for these levels and change them so that it’s 50/100 and nothing more. If you’re doing deeds aren’t you really just trying to earn trait points now? Why do we still need so many Trollshaw crawlers, Angmar fireworms (?) or Forochel grims??? Next I’d add treasure chests that are ON level for the area. I’d make this guy worth something so people would want to come and kill him to keep him from ninja-ing himself into my orc fights and killing me.

LotRO Rare Kurth, Angmar

You’d think something that big couldn’t sneak up on you but, let me tell you, he SO can!


How about events along the lines of the Roving Threats that are, again, on level to encourage peeps to work the area? That’s been my biggest issue the last couple of times I’ve been in game, the lack of others playing around me. I want to see someone run past or reading the task board when I’m in town. Something.

OH! There was a level 100 guy that literally popped out of nowhere just outside of Aughaire and scared the crap out of me in doing so.

Maybe I’m just picking the wrong times to play. That could very well be it. Or maybe these areas just aren’t fun anymore. I dunno. I’d love to see someone work magic on the Misty Mountains like Orion did with the Lonelands. Now that I’ve said that didn’t the Misty Mountains get a revamp? If so, is it better or still a hodge-podge of quests that don’t really fit together well?

I can’t wait until I’m 45. Just three more levels to go. I dislike this run of levels so much I thought about starting another character and playing that one for a while, and would have if I could have decided what I wanted to play.


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  1. Cor Crikey Carn Dum…would love to do all the group content on level but simply not possible in quiet LOTRO…so many interesting instances are reduced to faceroll at later levels…

    Epic only sounds great…must try one day as I tend to neglect the epic quests…unless needed!

    I really can’t remember having issues in the 40’s, normally don’t get to wrap up Misty Mountains before heading off to Moria… will be returning soon to wrap up quests n deeds, left from before the revamp so that may be interesting.

    I have heard a lot of good things about Forechel but haven’t bought the area yet…is on my wish list!

    • Yeah, the dungeons in Angmar were just amazing! Shame they can’t be leveled up or whatever.

      I’ve thought about doing a challenge toon where you just do deeds but I’m not sure how long I could handle that. Thinking someone’s already tried that but can’t remember how it went for them.

      Forochel is pretty neat but I like seeing others there as well. When it feels like you’re the only one there, it’s not as fun.

  2. I did Misty until I hit 45. Then I jumped over and did the Legendary quests which was easy peasy with my Beorning. Once I got my LI, I did Eregion.

  3. Yeah, I START having this issue around 35 or so. Stuff’s green where I am, but it’s bright orange or red where the next logical place is (Misty Mts, Angmar, Forochel). Honestly it’s a rough bottleneck:(

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