ACNL: Pave’ is a flaming lunatic

Animal Crossing New Leaf Festivale Pave'


I experienced Festivale in ACNL yesterday but, before I get into that, let me preface this by saying I woke up on the wrong side of the bed Monday morning. Life happens that way sometimes, no? I was in such a gruff mood I need a bit of cutesy like ACNL gives to right my mood. Instead, I met Pave’, the egotistical, narcissistic slave-driver who runs Festivale.

Oh. My. Ghod.

I bought the Festivale dress from the Able-Sisters clothing shop along with a pink feathered headdress to look as festive as I could while I ran around, and around, and around, and around catching colored feathers with my bug net. Residents were sporting their own colored feather headdress and dancing the day away while I ran around, and around, and around, and …. hoping to bag the right colored feather for Pave’ Stalin. I found butt-tons of pink and yellow feathers but Pave’ only wanted purple, green or blue ones. After several rounds of this I finally stopped and hit Google to see if I was doing something wrong.


I was turning in the rainbow-colored feathers along with the ones Mussolini Pave’ had requested. Doing so can cause that dumb bird to revert back to a previous feather color choice, which he did, multiple times, until I stopped turning the (air quotes) “rare” rainbow-colored ones in. I also figured out a trick to reset his color choice all on my own. Save and quit then start again. He’ll give you a different color to catch.

I did get a major bit of enjoyment out of this Festivale on a couple of levels, though. One, I got to play games with some of my townsfolk. Up to now interaction has been rather limited but during Festivale I was able to play Rock-Paper-Scissors and Charades with them for feathers. I read there were a couple of other game choices but those were the only two I was given. It was wonderful getting to do more than ‘just chat’. The best, however, came from Pave’ himself!

Turning in feathers nets you a random piece from Pave’s deco collection. I was excited and wanted them all! After collecting a few pieces I went home to put them in my house and found they were blue! I hate the color blue and so decided to sell them to Re-Tail. OMG! They sell for a LOT of bells! Thanks to being able to reset Pave’s color choice I think I did collect them all and now have 200K bells in my savings account. (I also collected fruit, sold three fossils, shells and ocean treasures but the lions share came from Pave’ and his blue furnitures.) That will hopefully set me up nicely on my next city building project!

In other news I finally triggered a remodel on Nooks store and, I hope, will finally be able to buy a sling shot once they reopen. I WANT BALLOON PRESENTS!

Festivale wasn’t a bad thing overall. It was a fun bit of different but I was disappointed my character couldn’t dance like everyone else. Though, if you wear the wetsuit and walk around pressing the “A” button, you’ll look as crazy as everyone else, just in a different way. Oh, and I made poor Mayor Ranni dive into the ice-cold ocean from a cliff in town. The animation every time she stepped out of the water was cute! I probably should have felt bad, huh?



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