Monday Moaning: Top of the rant to ya!

Short list:

  1. Fem Armour for Beornings- Agility?? Where’s my MIGHT?!?
  2. Guild Wars 2: LAG! I HATES IT!
  3. Mobile games with video ads … OH. MY. GHOD.
  4. ACNL: Squids.

Longer version:

  1. The Fem Armour has been in game for eons, much longer than Beornings have. It wasn’t created with them in mind and it really shows. Beorning’s need might the most, something the medium set of Fem armour isn’t concerned with since it’s great for Hunters and Burgs. Or used to be. Is it still viable? I hear there are a lot of crafting options for might in medium armour but I don’t have a tailor who can craft that high yet and the AH, last I looked, didn’t have much available.
  2. The lag I get when playing Guild Wars 2 is unreal. I have a crappy connection but hope is glinting on the horizon. A new ISP has come to town but I decided to let others play guinea pig first. My oldest has switched over to the new wireless internet service and, so far, it’s great! I had my daughter stream Netflix via the Wii U while he was in GW2 and also streaming on a device. There was no buffering, no lag, no glitching, no dropping, just beautiful strong internet service. I’m wanting to wait a week or two and see how it goes before switching over myself. I died to lag again Sunday … not fun.
  3.  Grandbaby sleeps in my room and when I go to bed, I like to play a round or two of whatever mobile game I have on my phone. I turn all sounds off via the ingame options menu as soon as a game is installed on my phone so I don’t wake her when I start to play. This has worked well for a year now with no complaints until a few nights ago. I was playing when a video ad popped up and LOUDLY started playing music. I. HATE. THAT!! She stirred but didn’t wake completely as I immediately shut the game down. I don’t need your idiotic music playing in your stupid ads. What’s more, I don’t need, nor do I want,  annoying and intrusive videos to suddenly start playing. Ever. Regardless of what I’m doing. Instant turnoff, people.
  4. So this is going to sound incredibly picky but I do not like fishing in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and catching a squid. I can’t tell you why I hate them but I do. It feels like a wasted worm! Or whatever is on my bobber thingy. I’d be rather happy if I never saw another squid. They aren’t even cute, looking more like a squidish version of the rubber chicken than not. They put so much detail into the other fish, why not the squid? Ugh.

What gets you bent out of shape (game wise)? Comment and let me know I’m not alone in my childish ranting. Please.


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