Lazy Sunday means game jumping

Today’s been a cold and dreary lazy Sunday. I woke exhausted, wanting to do as little as possible. Then all the kids left to go do whatever and I realized the house was completely quiet. Decided I wanted to game the afternoon away only, what to play???

Guild Wars 2: I made it to level 7 and enjoyed it some what, just … I hate that lag. Oh, and I discovered why my Warrior moves about all over the place so much when fighting. I’d assumed mobs were tossing me around like a rag doll but, during my time as a mighty level 5, I realized it was one of my skills doing so. Savage Leap makes you jump across the battle field! I was so happy to discover that a big source of irritation for me was coming from a blade skill. I now have an axe and the ability to stand in one spot and fight.

LotRO: I quested most of Aughaire (Bloodwing and her drakes can go die under a frozen lake) and went up a level on my Beorning. I earned the five piece Fem set armour, medium, but I’m not sure I like it as much as what I was wearing. Stats on Fem armour and the jewelry sets feel … dismal compared to the Mathom set I had on. I’m up to the lesser watching stones part of the Epic but decided to log because Grandbaby is home and kept interrupting so I could play with her new doctor set her other grandma bought her. I’m getting a lot of shots!

Now I’m staring at my Origin games, really wanting to jump into Dragon Age 2 but, oops, time for another shot.

May just wait until after she goes to bed or just fish in ACNL. Speaking of, I missed the turnip lady today. When I realized she was there I ran around collecting so I’d have bells to buy turnips, then forgot. She’s only in game from 6AM-Noon, something I immediately remembered when I heard the chimes go off to let me know it was noon. Oh wells, lost bells on them last week anyway. I was alerted that Poncho, my fitness loving resident, is moving tomorrow as soon as I fired the game up this morning. He was one of my favorites and given all of his belongings are boxed up, I suppose I can’t talk him out of moving away.


Some sort of festival runs tomorrow in ACNL, the one about rainbow feathers I think? Looking forward to seeing what that entails!



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