ACNL: Fishing Tourney results

Animal Crossing New Leaf shark

I participated in my very first fishing tournament in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (ACNL from here on out) and wanted badly to win. I’d read online that it was possible for a resident to catch a tuna around, IIRC, 90 inches long. I knew I needed to catch a shark, just incase, but I didn’t hold out much luck with that. My first few attempts today were unsuccessful so I Googled how to catch a shark, assuming there was a catch. There IS! Sorta. You can’t wait to hit the ‘A’ button when you see the bobber go under. You have to hit the ‘A’ button as you hear the sound alerting you to reel the fish in. If you wait until the sound is over and the bobber under the water, the shark will be long gone.

That works! I caught this ocean sunfish coming in at an impressive 126.00″ and a 96.00″ hammer head shark. WOOT!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Fishing Tournament results

That ocean sunfish shark won me the tourney!

Poppy and Tutu came in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, and both had big catches of 16.xx”. They river fish whereas I went to the island to try for sharks. I’ve never seen a trace of my residents going to the island …. wondering if they can. Dunno. More for me if they can’t I suppose but it’d be cute to see them in wetsuits diving for sea treasures.

My next goal of accomplishment in ACNL is to be able to shake a tree, drop a bee hive and net the stupid bees before they sting me. I can’t out run them and every house I’ve tried to get into before getting stung has been locked. GRRR.


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