Animal Crossing New Leaf: Fishing Tourney tomorrow!

Napoleon fish from the ACNL wikia

Tomorrow is the second Saturday in February which means it’s time for another Fishing Tournament in Animal Crossing:New Leaf! This will be my first tourney and I’m excited to see what’s in store during the big day. I’m hoping to see all of my town’s citizens out fishing together, all competing to win. I’m also hoping I’m the one who wins and, to make sure I have a chance, I’ve got this bad boy in a tank in my house at the moment. I caught him (image is from the Animal Crossing Wiki page for this fish) while fishing on the island earlier today. One of my citizens, Tutu I believe, told me I should start fishing today for the tourney tomorrow. I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly as I fish every day but I looked it up and found you can ‘pre-fish’ and save the bigger catches to submit on the day of the tourney. Apparently my citizens will be doing this as well.

I’d love the option to ‘inspect’ everyone’s home and size up my competition if this is true.

I’ve also stashed three sea bass in my house because, if I’m understanding this correctly, turning in subsequent bigger fish could net you rewards. I dunno but I’m excited to find out. Think I’ll go fishing again tonight to see what I catch and if it’s worth saving for tomorrow!


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