LotRO: What happened in the Misty Mountains?

I was working my Beorning trying to get to level 38 so I could do the Misty Mountain Epic, Vol 1, Bk 5. I grabbed what quests I could and set off towards the goblin camp without a worry in the world. My Beorning is a very powerful class and has learned to fight in a way that, as long as I’m paying attention TO her and not answering a million questions from someone behind me, leaves little worry of death. It’s a habit of mine to take a break near that frozen lake by the goblin camps and wargs. I’ve done this for years when questing that area though, I’m not sure why that’s one of my ‘break spots’. I was trying to remember exactly where it was that I used to be able to park my character and not worry about mobs when I saw this.

LotRO Ice Giant in the Misty Mountains

Is this one of the Roving Threats I keep hearing about? I can’t think of any other reason to have a boss mob with over two million health just hanging out in a level 40ish area. Imagine minding your own business, completely bored to death absorbed in doing your warg deed when, suddenly, FAST PAINFUL DEATH from a mob that’s a thousand times bigger than you in every way imaginable! I don’t know that this Ice Giant aggros automatically as I didn’t get close enough to find out.

I also found this and, for a second, was rather excited.

LotRO level 90 treasure cache in Misty Mountains

That’s not funny. I thought I had me something amazing! Are the treasure cache and Ice Giant connected? I’m not sure what these are for but finding a treasure cache and not being able to do anything more than take a screenshot does not make me happy.

This, however, made me happy.

LotRO New armour Misty Mountains

I was going through my bags looking for what I wanted to keep/sell when I saw this. It may have been a quest reward, a question I could answer had I been paying attention I suppose. I tried it on to see what it looked like and immediately set it to display in an outfit slot as well as my main armour slot. It’s beautiful! If I’ve seen this before I don’t remember. Way to go, Turbine!

Gimli and I tore our way through The Last Refuge before I logged for the night. Book 5 is almost in the can which means a lot of questing to make sure I hit level 41 so I can finish the next book. Just three more levels, really, but I’m headed right for that patch of levels I can’t stand, the 40s. I’m hoping revamps or something has changed to make them a bit more bearable than they used to be. Oh, and I have a question. Are the level 39 books still a thing?


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  1. Why on earth am I suddenly having the urge to play LOTRO?! I haven’t played in over 3 years now, but now I find myself remembering the Trollshaws, Lothlorien, the Misty Mountains… GAH! (leaves to start the massive download that is LOTRO)

    • When I heard the music that plays when you’re running through Rivendell I suddenly wanted to do every thing possible in LotRO. The nostalgia hit hard! Enjoying just working Epics on this character, tho.

      Have fun with that massive download!

  2. Yes, the level 39 books are still a thing. For the Beorning, use the Return to Grimbeorn’s Lodge skill and talk to the Beorning trainer there to get the books.

  3. Those roving threats are crap. Yeah, they’re fun for those of a high enough level to be able to actually hit them but to have them aggro on the area appropriate level players, like the warg around Archet, is bullshit to me. Especially since the larger the level gap, the greater the aggro range. As for the chest, no clue on that.

    Aside from Moria, the pages also drop in Eregion and outside (probably inside, too) Goblin-town, possibly other places but I know these two for sure because I got pages for all books at them. Well, I should say that was probably 2-3yrs ago so it could have changed but I doubt it.

    • Only certain pages drop in MM, and others in Angmar, Shaws, and I think Forochel or Eregion.

      Moria, unless its changed since I last bothered to level anyone, drops pages for all books, so Moria is the place to get any page from any mob. Outside of Moria, page drops are selective by book and page number.

    • I *may* have known pages drop in Moria … been awhile since I needed pages.

      The RTs look fun if you’re on level but what a harsh thing to happen across if you’re not!

  4. Yes, those are the roving threats. You will find them in Misty Mountains, Angmar, Forochel and Gondor. The treasure cache is for a deed and you will find them in the same above areas but sadly you have to be level 100 to open them. I’m not sure what the reasoning behind that is :/

  5. That’s what roving threats are? Something that an on-level soloer has no chance of even running the heck away from, wandering about it in areas where you’ll be questing? The mind boggles.

    It’s annoying enough in high-level areas when questing is held up by a warband hanging out in the place you need to go.

    • I always get an email when someone comments. Or so I thought. Have found 3 comments now that I wasn’t notified of. Hoping it’s a hiccup and not a new thing.

      When I was in Rohan we’d do call outs and group up for the warbands. Playing on a higher pop server (Landy) probably helped them not be a problem for me. This Ice Giant, tho, whoo. If I see it again I’ll go find out if it auto aggros on me.

  6. Of course the 40’s are more bearable now. You’re a beorning. Everything is more bear-able now!

  7. I noticed the treasure caches as well when I recently took my Lvl 81 guardian through there to grind some deeds. Although I didn’t run into that super ice ninja…

  8. Haha Rani, I came across a treasure chest too a day ago and boy that was disappointing. Anyway,I came back to LOTRO a couple weeks ago, mostly 3-boxing my Guard,Mini,& Hunter. Made it all the way to lvl 47 and deep in Eastern Angmar at the moment. The “old world” has it’s appeal for someone like myself who just isn’t motivated by any content over lvl 65.

    • Welcome back!

      It really does have an appeal though at times its bitter sweet. I may be standing i Aughaire (sp?) at the moment, just haven gotten the first part of the Angmar book. I love Angmar just as much as I hate it …. looking forward to being back in there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Odowulf of Brandywine

    There are those of us who actually love the roving threats! I’m actually playing my beloved Guard again as opposed to leveling one my million alts simply because I have something to do and a group to do it with!! To my knowledge, NONE of them are can be killed solo — it took a 10 person raid for us to kill one in Gondor the other night on Brandywine). Most of the Roving Threat’s (RTs) I’ve encountered in and out of Gondor are in out-of-the-way places so they aren’t normally going to be exposed to on-level players unless you go looking for them.

    BTW, that warg in Arch is not an RT…it’s been there for years.

    The Books are still a thing, but I wouldn’t worry about it until you get to Moria. In times past, grinding the books would get you a legendary trait but since the advent of the trait trees, all you get is a skill point for your tree, and some TP. Focus on leveling and let the pages take care of themselves.

    • If I had a character high enough for the RTs I’d enjoy them, too. Warbands were fun when I did them!

      I remember threatening to pull that warg in Combe/Archet when starting toons with a buddy and my son. Son freaked saying he was NOT going to die. I’m kind of glad the warg is still there as it was quite a humbling experience the first time I aggro’d it all those years ago. ๐Ÿ™‚

      You answered the very question I botched when asking about the books. I didn’t see a spot for the legendary traits we used to earn so I wasn’t sure if the books were still viable. Thanks!

    • Nobody said the Warg was a roving threat, I mentioned it as a comparison to explain how having high level creatures in lower-level zones is annoying to those who are questing. The Warg used to also spawn in double and triplicate forms just to add that extra ouch to leveling players but I think they finally fixed it maybe. I’ve never been attacked by it but I’ve seen other players not so lucky complain about it.

  10. After I wrap up Trollshaws Deeds (and yes most of the quests as missed em on my RK) I will be heading to Misty Mountains…not been there since the changes…

    At lv75 there is no real challenge but oddly enough just the exploring is entertaining in these areas…

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