Gaming plans for the week

Bugs and headaches are threatening to take over the Moonbeam household this week but, if nothing else, that’ll hopefully clear us for a nice uneventful weekend. Until then I plan on getting game time in with the following this week:

  • LotRO- I have a burning desire to play. Think I need just one more level before starting the next Epic.
  • Dragon Age 2- My Champion misses me dearly! And I her! I’m coming Hawke, I promise!
  • ACNL- I put in for a reset center and now have a crapton of bells to earn. Better be worth it!
  • Adventures of Shuggy- Love this platformer LOTS but have yet to finish it.
  • GuildWars2- I’d like to play a bit more without the lag this time. #crossingfingers

It’s been awhile since I ran Sims 4 to check for updates so there could be one there. I had a mad hankering to play this weekend but since Origin is stuck in that needs updating/can’t update thing it does, I decided to skip it. Hope to get everything patched up this week so I can get my Sim on soon!

May the gaming ghods rain time on you this week!


*ghods is an intentional misspelling, btw. 


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