GuildWars2: Re-entry didn’t quite go as I’d intended

GuildWars2 Class poll results

I asked you guys what class in GuildWars2 you prefer, hoping more would pick the class I’d intended to roll. My pick is a Warrior while the majority of the votes were for an Elementalist. Oddly enough, when classes were announced (before the game was released) that was my pick as well. Not sure why I haven’t given it a try or, if I did, why I didn’t stick with it. This go ’round I’m going to play a Warrior as I’ve discovered I not only love being up close and personal with the mobs but it’s something I usually do well.

GuildWars2 warrior

I normally give my characters a bun when the choice is there but in GuildWars2 the bun comes with jewelry that hangs across your forehead. I didn’t see an option to turn that off so I went with a side pony tail hairdo for my short human who grew up on the streets and praises the God of War, Balthazar. Given the story I felt she probably should have been a thief but I’ve never stuck with any thief type character I’ve rolled. I want to watch the fear fill your eyes as you see me advance, not watch you from behind your back as I sneak up on you and say, “BOO!”. So to speak. (cheesy grin)

GuildWars2 entertaining a cow

Everything was fine until I started helping out at a local farm, entertaining cows and stamping out worm holes. I know it’s an odd thing to say given that I play lots of Mario games as well as Animal Crossing, but … I don’t do cutesy as a general rule. What’s with the hearts and why on earth am I dancing like a fool to entertain this cow? This is not heroic in any stretch of the imagination, people! I entertained a second cow just to get the screenshot and then decided my talents were of better use stamping worm holes. Things were going well right up until a gigantic worm with several heads popped out of a hole.

This worm had an advantage over my level 2 warrior, one I could not overcome. It was the LAG MONSTER in disguise!

I was slashing the worm with my knife when suddenly I wasn’t. My skills were blinking at the speed of steroids yet nothing was happening. Next thing I knew a bear was standing on top of my cold dead lifeless body. Any idea how embarrassing it is to die at level 2 in a game??

I do. Not a fan.

I continued on, helping here and there until I was level 5. (me thinks, could be level 4) The lag monster wore me down and I lost connection with the server. Our connection has been extremely poor this weekend so I think it’s best not to even try an online game until it improves. Hopefully soon! I did enjoy the way the game guided me from heart to heart, something I don’t remember it doing when I played last. I logged into my Ranger long enough to see where she was and had a 2 year anniversary thing in my pack. Had no idea it’s been that long since I bought the game! Also tried to remember why I dressed her in such a vibrant green from head to toe … no clue, but she stands out let me tell you!

Kind of like Peter Pan would stand out.

Anyway, the game itself wasn’t so bad. It was the lag that ruined it for me. Let’s hope for better next time!


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  1. There are a lot of good people playing the game, who would be happy to give you a hand if you would like one.

    Feel free to give me a yell in-game if you need anything: teflonpaladin.9234

    • I tend to run solo these days because my gaming is interrupted (what feels like) a million times! If I wait until the grandbaby is in bed and my daughter upstairs, my phone won’t stop ringing. Starting to think it’s on purpose …. heh.

      I’m not sure what my friend name is in GW2. Will look the next time I’m in. Thanks!

  2. The “heroically feeding animals” and “masterfully amusing cows” is strewn throughout the game, also found those activities in much higher tier areas. Amusingly, while i find such stuff highly annoying in games with reasonable storywriting, it fits well into the subpar quality storywriting of GW2. (Which even more amusingly ArenaNet is very proud of. I never figured out, why. ) Consistency and logic are just no significant powers in Tyria and have to be disregarded.

    When played casually and not taken serious, though, the game can be a nice way of wasting some time, though and since a few weeks i tend to spend one or two evenings a week there.

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