LotRO: Lost in the Trollshaws

Don’t forget I’m giving away the first three Batman:Arkham games this week! (I typed Bathman …. cracked me up!)

LotRO Trollshaws

Click to make this bigger. It’s so small, on my end, that the details are lost.

I’ve hurt my back! I thought it was better Tuesday and eagerly attacked chores. I did four loads of laundry, dishes and was getting the trash and recyclables ready to take out to the curb. All I had left was the kitchen trash can when my back pain came back with a vengeance! I thought resting it Monday would be enough to make the pain go away but I was wrong. Yesterday I did as little as possible which meant I played a lot of LotRO! You could also say I spent a lot of time running in circles or just plain lost in the Trollshaws. See the screenshot above? I was looking for evidence of a Nazgul, something I’ve done countless times over the years. I missed the path that leads you straight to it and found myself on these rocks across the path facing my destination. I didn’t know you could get on top of those rocks until this happened! The things you learn!

I finished Volume 1 Book 4! (re: I played a TON of LotRO yesterday!) I’ve never really liked the bee skill until I used it on a troll in the troll caves.

LotRO killer bees

Does that not look cool? I’ll tell you something I didn’t like. I had no idea there was a patch yesterday until I went to log in. I didn’t read the patch notes (bite me) so I also didn’t know the bear skills would jump up into their own tool bar once you changed into bear form. Me no likey surprises like that! Thanks to a couple of Twitter buddies I was able to turn that option off! And while I’m griping I’ll tell you something else I don’t like. Having to respend points after a patch. I didn’t know that happened with traits now like it used to with LI points or I’d have paid better attention to how I spec’d my traits. I now have an empty slot in my skill bar that I didn’t before and I’ve no idea what it was. Guessing it was a bear skill. Oh wells.

My Beorning is a level 36 and needs one more level to start Volume 1 Book 5, two more levels to finish it. BIG. SIGH! Honestly thinking about making tomorrow another LotRO day to give me an extra day of rest for my back (sounds like an excuse, doesn’t it? I wish. I hate back pain!) so maybe I’ll take care of that then.




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  1. I find sitting in front of my computer for too long gives me incredible back pain but that is at work! At home balanced on a partially broken chair (the kids broke it!) I can sit for hours in front of LOTRO (aforementioned kids and wife permitting!)
    Strange isn’t it, maybe playing LOTRO is a kindof therapeutic pain remedy!

  2. Yes that traits thing is really irritating when you log in on a a character you haven’t played in a while. At that point I can’t even remember exactly what all the skills were, and suddenly I have to set up my build from scratch again.

    At least with LIs it was only any changed legacies that were affected, and the others stayed as they were.

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