LotRO: Beorning through my 30s

My Beorning needs to be level 35 in order to complete the next Epic, Vol 1 Book 4. I haven’t started it yet because I think I’ll be stopped at the Troll caves part until I’m the correct level and I find it annoying with the start, stop, go level, start, stop, go level thing I’ve been doing in order to work the Epic books. This time I want to be at a level that will allow me to continue through the book so I’ll enjoy it more. It’s rather like reading a highly interesting book and after each chapter or two having to go wash silver ware or mate and fold your teenage daughters babillion socks, most of which were bought without mates. Frustrating! I’ve been working Evendim to gain the required levels and, once again, I’m struck by how beautiful the views are.

LotRO, Evendim view from atop the Kings Crossing monument

If this had been a painting on our walls when I was a kid I can promise you I would have spent hours and hours staring at it as I made up countless adventures in my head. It’s beautiful, serene looking (even with the muddy looking Brandywine) and evokes countless possibilities for all sorts of adventure, a promise of fun no matter where you look.

LotRO, Evendim screenshot

My Beorning sits quietly, taking in her surrounds and wishing she’d had those hills to roam through as a kid. I think she’s up to 32 now. I stopped by the skirmish camp and ran the four offensive skirmishes before logging out. I was on my last skirmish half marveling at how fast she can burn through them and half wondering how long before it got old, the beastmode Beorning way of doing things. That’s when it hit me!

Why not bump up the tier of each skirmish, stupid!

I may have done this with my Captain before (back before the new trait system) because she was a beast herself. I don’t remember if I did or didn’t but when I go in next, I’m definitely going to do so with my Beorning. I’m still enjoying playing her but sometimes the combat is mind-numbingly boring. When I’m pressed for time it’s great. She can kill through a ton in a short amount of time. Still, that feeling of achievement from a well fought battle isn’t there most of the time as most every fight feels like trash mob filler. Doesn’t feel … epic and since she’s an Epic character, …. heh.

Anyway, excited to try tier 2 and 3 skirms on her. Should be fun!


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  1. I found my Cappy OP in skirmishes as well…

    Love the title šŸ™‚

  2. I do that stop-start thing while levelling way too much in some of these games. Play-time becomes too staggered when you play like that, doesn’t it?

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