Animal Crossing New Leaf: I was stung by a jelly fish!

wearing a wetsuit in Animal Crossing New Leaf

Did you know that the look your face has, which eyes, nose, … depends on how you answer questions in the very beginning of the game? This is my face, chosen because I told someone my reason for visiting was a secret. I don’t get it but there you have it.

This game gets cuter and cuter all the time. Chicago’s former Mayor invited me for a bit of fun in the sun on his island. My first trip there I took a couple of tours (tours are riffs on mini-games) and collected bananas, lychee and seashells. I had no idea you could talk to the gyroid (behind me in the above screenshot) and rent nets, fishing poles, shovels, an axe (???) and a wet-suit.


I dove into then ocean, swam around for a bit, tried to catch a fish with my bare hands (can’t work, scares them away when you get close), chased shadows for treasure, got myself stung a few times and, finally, after much work, caught a shadow and was rewarded a Sea Anemone. Back on dry land I caught a butt-load of bugs, mostly different types of locust, collected fruit and shells and then went fishing. Tutu asked me a few days ago to catch a Tuna for her and, try as I might, I’ve yet to see one in game. I was hoping to have better luck on the island.

trying to catch a shark in Animal Crossing New Leaf

I didn’t catch a tuna but I did catch a couple of puffer fish, a clown fish (NEMO!!!), bass and mackerel. When I saw this fin bobbing just up the beach I ran to see if I could catch it. Talk about boasting rights!! Sadly, he ate my worm and disappeared but, hopefully, there will be a next time. I WANT A SHARK!

Yesterday was Groundhogs Day in the game and Isabelle gave out ground-hog decorations for your house and stood in the town square all day. Wasn’t very eventful but at least she didn’t get her ear bitten. My townspeople obviously don’t like my chosen attire. I know this because they keep asking me to “deliver” packages to their neighbors so I can be rewarded with a new shirt. I sell most of them so joke’s on them! I’ve yet to see a slingshot in game and I check the Junction shop every day. I need a balloon present in my life! Does the Junction have to upgrade before they carry slingshots?

If you haven’t voted yet let me know which class you prefer in Guild Wars 2 (please!) so I can think harder about what I want to roll.

Also, don’t forget my Bundle of Batman giveaway this week. What’s better than Batman???


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