Guild Wars 2: What class do you prefer?

I’ve been wondering if a second shot at Guild Wars 2 would go better for me now that I’m not looking for every game to be LotRO. I think that was my biggest hindrance when playing the first time, it just wasn’t LotRO. I had a Ranger but I didn’t really like her overall. She had her moments and I remember one skill that looked cool but I died a TON! I really have no idea what to roll so I thought I’d do a poll and see, hopefully, which classes you guys like the most. Maybe that’ll help me come to a decision! If you’re up for it and can comment as to why, I’d really love to read that! Thanks, guys!



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  1. It’s so hard to vote on what you think someone else will like. I started with a ranger, too, ans it does seem like kind of a boring class. I like engineer much better, but I’ve heard others say that they got tired of it. I voted mesmer just because it’s a flexible class that feels very unique.

    • That’s why I was asking what others prefer. Wanted to gauge it against what I think I’m going to roll. I’m seeing a lot of people talk about Mesmers lately but where some praise them, others say solo leveling is a practice in patience. Love the sound of a utility class, though. Thanks!

  2. I can’t vote on what I like most because I’ve only ever had one char, and the max level I got to was 9! That was during the free trial, and after I bought GW2 in the recent sale, I deleted that char and re-rolled him on another server, so now I’m only 4. 🙂

    That said I went for an engineer to start with because I thought it would be a bit different to anything I know from LOTRO.

  3. I too started with a ranger. He’s currently level 70. Sometimes he’s a little boring, but usually that means i need to switch up weapons. While my longbow skills are on cooldown I’ll switch to either greatsword or sword/warhorn. I usually never take damage due to my pets. Pick good hearty pets like brown or polar bears. If one pet dies, immediately switch to another pet and let him get aggro. Also with the new expansion I’ll have the option of completely new skills with the druid if i get bored with the ranger skills.

    That being said If you are really concerned about survivability I’d try out the guardian. I have one at lvl 30 now and he’s just a beast, but he’s got to get in close. I’ve never done any world events with him against world bosses. 🙂

    I’ve recently just rolled a mesmer and like wolf said, it is very unique. A little squishy, but some really, really fun skills. I’m liking the greatsword skills, because they are more ranged.

    • My Ranger is lvl 20 with some swampy blob looking thing for a pet. I think I have a bear (been a LONG time since I played). Not sure I had/kept any weapons other than a bow. Can see where being able to switch could be fun!

      Never thought of a greatsword as ranged. I use them a ton in Dragon Age games and was my weapon of choice on my Captain in LotRO. Had to get in melee range though.


  4. I just wrote a very long post and lost it. 😦 So now I’m writing an even longer post. Cause that’s what I do.

    — Light —

    Mesmer – My main. 🙂 Mesmers are incredibly versatile and have some incredibly unique mechanics/playstyle that keep them interesting. They remind me the most of loremasters: Pets (of a sort), truly unique mechanics, cc and comparatively low damage. There is a TON of room for personal playstyle on mesmer with builds in shatter, phantasm, stealth and interrupts.
    But… All of those choices are pretty much worthless in comparison to the unique utilities that you will always be expected to use: Veil, Portal, Blink, Feedback, and Time Warp. Sometimes you’ll be expected to stealth too. In my WvW group, us mesmers call eachother veilbots cause, well, that’s what we’re brought along for. We can’t throw down water fields. We can’t blast. Our damage is shit compared to a necro, ele, or warrior and we can’t burst as effectively as a thief. The long story short is that you need to be in love with your utilities to play a mesmer. Luckily, I do. 🙂

    Ele – The prototypical ranged AoE + semi-healer in group situations. Staff eles have some of the highest damage in the game, as well as really good cc and the most consistent source of water fields in water attunement. Their conjure weapons are some of the highest damage weapons in the game and are crucial to many dungeon runs. The downside is they’re also very very squishy, so most utilities tend to be limited to survivability. In solo/small group situations and for leveling, dagger/dagger and scepter/dagger are a blast to play with and a really fun change of pace. Scepter/dagger is really heavy, almost one-shot, mixed-range burst. Dagger/dagger is tanky and mobile melee. Staff eles are in demand in almost any situation.

    Necro – If you’re only doing PvE, don’t play a necro. They simply don’t have the single target damage or group utility to make them worthwhile. Almost all necro damage is mixed with some form of cc (they specialize in fears) and condi. Or both. In any type of PvP though, necros are gods. You really won’t appreciate that until you have to face a minion master necro holding a capture point, your commander gets corrupt booned (all boons turned into condis), you 1v1 a condi necro and just can’t sustain, or your entire zerg wipes to a well bomb in a choke. Also, with death shroud (basically an extra health bar) and their elites, necros are sooooo tanky.
    There are a few moments in PvE (namely condi teams on the wurm) where necros shine, but they’re pretty limited for dungeon runs: necros are slow, their damage overwrites fire fields, and their cc’s work against stacking for damage.

    — Medium —

    Ranger – Boring. Decent damage since the patch, but awful survivability and utility. Their pets are next to useless in WvW/dungeons. They shine in sPvP generally, but, I don’t know… Rangers are the joke of the GW2 world for a reason. I can’t remember the last time we accepted a ranger-only main to my WvW guild.

    Thief – Stereotypical assassin/rogue type stealth playstyle with some condi based variants. The skill cap for thief is really high, but incredibly rewarding. Their AoE damage is practically non-existent, but they’re still in demand in group PvE cause of blasts and unique invis mechanics in some dungeons/fractals. Plus, insanely high single-target damage. In sPvP, they’re like flies… I swear to God everyone plays a bloody thief in sPvP. The good ones are a PITA, the bad ones are the easiest thing to kill in the world. In WvW, they’re some of the most effective roamers because they can both snipe and escape. In a zerg, they’re generally most valuable as forward scouts tracking the enemy movements.

    Engi – Engis are weird… They can kind of do almost anything if you build for it. They can blast, AoE, condi, single-target, harass, escape. But they can’t do it all at once. Much like thief, they’re a high skill-cap. They also have a ton of variety so you won’t get bored. But, much like rangers, they don’t have ‘that one unique thing’ that you need them for in group content. They don’t have war banner, aegis, time warp/portal, conjure weapons, corrupt boon/wells, or insane stealth. They have little bits from all of those but nothing you can really rely on an engi to have. In WvW, they’re great commander snipers cause of their pulls, but you don’t really need/want more than one. In sPvP, the little jerks are annoying as heck and really good at holding a point – But, again, you don’t really need/want more than one. In PvE though, they’re closer to necro… They’re okay, but their are other classes that people would rather you bring.

    — Heavy —

    Warrior – Warriors are so strong in this game. So strong that I refused to have a warrior for a long time. They have the highest base HP and toughness in the game as well as an incredibly strong passive signet heal, so they can go full zerk in gear/traits and STILL be survivable. The do massive amounts of damage, both AoE and single target. They have great mobility/escape. They have great cc with stuns/immobs from the adrenaline mechanic. With rifle, they can also have really high ranged damage. They have the best rez in the game. They also have great group support from shouts and great group buffs from banners. For most people, warriors are what I would recommend as a first class. It’s very forgiving cause of it’s tankiness, but has some fun skill-based mechanics with war-banner, blasts, and cc.

    Guardian – Guardian was my first 80 because it’s insanely quick to level… You do good damage, much like warrior. And because of the passive damage reduction from aegis (blocks an attack), you survive things you probably wouldn’t on other characters. It’s not really like a LOTRO guard – I think of it as more akin to a cappy. You’re up there in front taking damage, but most of the skill in guard comes from protecting your team. Good guards learn when/how to use skills to save the group: Aegis, reflects, heals (highest heals outside of water fields in the game), and stability while still outputting damage. Guard also has the bet AoE pull for making stacking easier. It’s fairly slow in comparison to other classes though and absolutely awful at 1v1 if you don’t want to be bored to death. Also, little to no burst damage.

    Phew! That was alot. Here’s what I’d recommend: Level a warrior or ele, depending on whether you prefer ranged or melee. But, in the meantime, go into sPvP on an empty slot and play around with the other classes against training dummies, matchups, or 1v1 rooms. You can read all the skills/traits in sPvP and see what most appeals to you personally.

    Also, add me in game if you want: dagneyandleo.6378 .

  5. I voted Warrior, because that’s the character I play most. It can use more weapons than any other class and its damage output is second to none. It’s also great fun to tank entire parties in World vs World or to hack through world bosses like no one else. But it’s not exactly a ranged class (except in sPvP) and while leveling it’s by far one of the easiest classes to play, alongside Engineer and Guardian.

    A big problem with Warrior is that its optimal build for challenging PvE content is also the most difficult build to play well in the entire game. If you don’t run it in dungeons and fractals then it’s immediately noticeable – and random people will give you flack for it. I like to run berserker Warrior because it’s challenging, but it’s definitely not for everyone and you’d probably do well to play a different class if you’re going to attempt this type of content eventually, because it’ll be a lot less intense.

    As to which class I’d actually recommend…

    All of them? They each have their fun aspects – and drawbacks.

    Elementalists are very versatile with 4 different sets of skills per weapon they can swap between on the fly. A lot of fun to play, but somewhat difficult to solo with initially. They’re great.

    Mesmers have great mobility and skill variety, but are very difficult to solo with. They are the most popular class for group content, even more-so than Elementalists and Guardians. Your server will love you if you play Mesmer in WvW.

    Thief is probably the most agile class and can pull a lot of sneaky and high-damage moves. Great fun in sPvP and I enjoy it a lot in PvE as well. They have very few weapons to choose from though.

    Necromancer is fun if you want to walk around with your personal army and steal health. It’s an extremely survivable caster too. Their skills can be condition-damage heavy, which is weak in content with a lot of (15+) players.

    Guardian is a fairly stationary class that’s great at supporting others and taking damage. A great class to solo with, but also great in any other type of play. I don’t like to play them much due to all their damage coming from auto-attacking rather than skills.

    Engineer is a fairly mobile class that has no real weapon variety, but great build variety once you reach higher levels. Like the Guardian it’s an amazingly strong solo class that’s fantastic in all game modes and content. Also – like the Guardian – I don’t like to play it much: I don’t like its lack of weapon switching and minimal weapon selection.

    Rangers you’ve already played. They have pets and are quite easy to survive with. Otherwise they’re fairly straightforward and don’t really excel at anything. If you ever intend to play sPvP: don’t do it with your Ranger unless there’s a daily for it.

  6. I used to play a Guardian and got him to 60 or so. I hate melee in GW2 (and I usually love melee classes) because I can never see anything. I mean it’s fine when running around solo but the open world events that draw 20-30 players means being in the thick of the spell effects meant being essentially blind.

    This time out I’m playing a Ranger, which I got to level 30 last night. It’s a very survivable class since my pets do an excellent job of tanking (well, my bird pet doesn’t but usually I run with a bear) but it IS pretty boring. Mostly I use 2 skills, my main attack and my rapid fire whenever it comes off cooldown. If there’s a swarm I use my rain of arrows thingie but that’s not that often.

    Sometimes I switch out just to add some interest but the longbow seems most efficient so it’s that push-pull of fun vs level quick.

  7. I started out with a ranger because it seemed the safe thing to do while starting a new game. I switched to elemental and am loving it! Of course, I’m only level 10 so YMMV.

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