Orcs Must Die could have been called “TRAP DEM ORCS!”

The first time I played Orcs Must Die was a horrible experience. My keyboard tray was stuck in place under my desk and although I could type a 2000 post with no problem and never having to look for keys, I could not play games where I had to use the “G” key, for instance. I just couldn’t find the key! In Orcs Must Die you start certain rounds of rushing Orcs by pressing the “G” which isn’t a huge thing. My problem was finding the “1” and “2” to switch my weapon out. A crossbow just isn’t optimal when you’re surrounded by a massive horde of Orcs slashing you in the face.

I kept dying! So after a few attempts to get past the very first room, I logged.

Orcs Must Die, dying like a noob

I gave the game another chance Friday. Very first thing I did was not bother to put enough traps out, not bother to understand the Orcs won’t mindlessly stumble over said traps but, instead, go around them at every opportunity which then, of course, led to me dying. I rocked the ‘noob move’.

So I started again and was a bit more strategic in the placement of my traps. Orcs Must Die really could have been called something like “TRAP DEM ORCS” or “The Orc Trapper”. I hope that last one is an achievement! Running around and checking for additional entrances and making sure you know where the Rifts are helps just as much as being fast to fire. Oh, and, for the love of Ghod, should you take damage from the archer Orcs, heal yourself between rounds so you aren’t as likely to die.

Lesson learned!

Orcs Must Die Runner's Alley final score

I played through Runner’s Alley and if I hadn’t of had to stop, I absolutely would have kept playing for several more levels. The game is FUN when you’re winning! I thought my kill-streak peaked at nine but I noticed once I’d stopped playing that I had earned a badge for ten. Means I rock! I didn’t see a way to save your game so I’m assuming I’ll have to start over the next time I play rather than picking up where I left off. Hope I’m wrong on that but, who knows. I will soon! I have Orcs Must Die 2 also and am far more excited about playing that one now that I’ve picked up the basics to playing. Makes a difference, no?

That said, I have questions. Are you supposed to go through the Rift and kill any Orcs that get through? If you’re standing in front of a wall trap when it goes off, do you take damage also? Wall traps are my favorites and they looks so darn cool when shooting unsuspecting Orcs in the head! Any real advantage in using the bomb barrels? I meant to try one to see if it was a one-time thing (looks like it is) or if it regenerates. As cheap as it is, 200 coins, I’m thinking it’s a one-time thing. I tried ceiling turrets but I didn’t notice any flying Orcs nor did I notice them really helping much. Maybe on later levels?

I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get back to this game. Still, leaves it for me now!


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