Weekend built for gaming!

But, sadly, my plans have changed I think.

My daughter-in-law hurt her back at work yesterday and will, I’m assuming, be down for the count all weekend. I’d hoped she’d be up and able to take care of Grandbaby and, if so, I planned on getting in serious game time tomorrow. Life happens, no?

Sunday we’ll be watching the SuperBowl even though I don’t really have much interest in it this year. I’ve never been a Patriots fan and my mind is still boggling that the Seahawks not only made it TO the SuperBowl last year, but they won. My best friend was a huge Seahawks fan and was stoked that she was able to see her team take a SB in her lifetime. She’d be doing cartwheels to know they’re going again (she died last year) so I’ve decided I’m going to watch it because of her. I’ll be honest and say this. I’m most looking forward to eating a big platter of chicken nachos and, possibly, brownies while watching the game. I love football but sometimes it’s hard to get excited for teams you don’t, in general, care much about! I may also still be a tiny bit bitter that the Seahawks kept the Packers out of Sunday’s game.

I still haven’t played Orcs Must Die this week but I plan on correcting that today as soon as Grandbaby goes down for her nap. I did play a few moments of Bioshock but had to stop and go read up on plasmids. I haven’t gotten back into that one yet. I was hoping Bioshock would dominate my weekend but with Grandbaby’s mom down with a bad back and a possibility of 3-6″ of snow, I think I’m going to be too busy! Plus, with the storm coming in I’m thinking of making chili to serve over baked potatoes. Takes a few hours start to finish to make chili (or is that just me?).

Let me live vicariously through you guys. What are your gaming plans for the weekend?


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