To buy or not to buy? That’s my biggest question.

I was on Steam and found a 60% off coupon for Fable Anniversary that would bring the normally $35 game down to $15. I added the game to my cart immediately, saw the discount thanks to the coupon, and then stopped. Do I need another game? No. Do I want this game? Yes. What should I do then? I dunno. It’s still in my cart and I have a few more hours to decide if I’m going to get it. Part of me says that’s a crazy deal to pass up but at the same time, I could save what Steam money I have for other games and get more bang for my buck.

Plus, I haven’t played a lot of Fable. Maybe I’d rather play the one I have on my 360 since I’ve already bought it. (Wish I could remember which Fable it is …. /cheeseforbrains)

I did score the free tavern songs from Dragon Age: Inquisition this week, however. Always nice to get something for free, no? I haven’t heard these songs in game yet but I’ve heard scores of folks talk about how amazing they are. Figured I should grab them while they’re free. I was going to listen as soon as the download was finished but then I thought about how cool it’d be to hear them in the game as I’m playing first. I don’t want to tarnish my ‘first’ experience in any way. Not the easiest of feats with so many blogs and sites talking about the game!

Did you grab Fable Anniversary today? The coupon deal is up 10AM (PST?) Friday morning. Not a lot of time which is adding a bit of pressure to my thought. Arg.


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  1. From the opinion of a game hoarder: don’t buy until you are ready to play it. I bought this years back (original not anniversary remake) with intention of “Never owned an xbox! I can finally play this!” and yet has never installed. So sad.

    hashtag sigh

    • That’s a great way to look at it. ‘Course, if I held to that I’d almost never buy games. I have a super hard time juggling a 2 year old and trying to game. Actually, I find that’s impossible when there is no one here to help with her!

      I opted not to get it because I’d rather play on my 360 which is where I first started playing Fable to begin with.

  2. if its cheap enough that you won’t feel bad not playing it for a while, get it.

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