Animal Crossing New Leaf: I sold my ‘roids!

I was digging for fossils with my shovel today and dug up three new items and a sapphire! The sapphire I was eager to sell but the ‘roid things? I didn’t even play them any attention. I was expecting to have to pay a disposal fee and was pleasantly surprised when I wasn’t charged for it at the Re-Tail shop. It wasn’t until after I’d put the game down that I got to wondering, ‘what were those ‘roid things?’.


Animal Crossing New Leaf Gyroids

They’re furniture!

I wish I hadn’t sold them now. You can put them down and they’ll dance around to the beat of fast (enough) played music. They up your score for the Happy Room Academy, a housing association that inspects your house every Sunday. I admit I don’t know much about the house inspection system, just that you can earn rewards based on your point scores. At some point you can build a club and put Gyroids on the stage. That sounds fun!

I learned quite a bit when looking up those ‘roids today. Depending on when you fish, the fish available for catch vary. You can plant flowers and, hopefully, get hybrids of the ones you have planted. I may have been pulling them up to sell as I try and get that 40K bell payment for my house made. I went back and asked Isabelle for her advice on living in my town and got my watering can today. OH! And this is important! I read you need a slingshot to shoot down balloon presents. I’ve been driving myself bananas trying to catch them with my net or pop the balloon with my fishing pole and shovel.

Another system I’m curious about is visiting other towns. Is there where you need a friend code? If so and you want to be friends with me my friend code is 2509-4065-3801 (n0name28 or Ranni).  So far there are no nearby towns for me to visit and the list of faraway towns is blank.

I was telling my daughter in law that I had written letters to every animal in my town. My face turned red, I’m sure, after I said that because it made me feel a little silly. I did, though, write those letters to up my approval score! And as silly as I felt voicing that it hasn’t dampened my enjoyment of the game in the slightest! I found a starter guide to a lot of the systems and see that I have a TON to learn! Looking forward to see my town, Chicago, grow and grow!


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  1. How could you look at those faces and go “hm, sell em immediately”.

  2. I need to find my 3DS, once I do we can trade friend codes and visit each others towns. You have to have friend codes before you can visit, it’s how Nintendo controls safety and griefing in the game.

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