LotRO: Beorning traits look boring

LotRO_ Beorning trait lines

Is red the way to go with Beorning? It looks boring, like something’s missing. I assumed red was DPS and since I’m playing my Beorning as if she’s the fiercest champion/berserker known to Middle Earth, fearlessly charging into battle with little to no thought of doubt ever entering her mind, I thought The Claw would be the right way to trait. And, in all honesty, I’ve only run into trouble once or twice. I seldom need to pop a health pot and have learned how to, in very difficult fights, pop into the Bear form while waiting for the cooldown on my self-heal to run out. I feel unstoppable, really, in most fights.

But the red line feels very lack luster. Maybe it’s the passives I’m pointing up for that’s making it feel so blah. I have a few skills for my humanoid self and a few for my Bear self. It’s, almost literally, like just pushing 1-2-3 with an occassional 4 once that CD has run down. (talking keybinds for skills) I understand the need for passives since they’re in the game, they’re in a lot of games, but earning them feels like a let-down. I don’t get excited to go up to the next pip for critical chance. I want a sweet new melee skill to add a bit of variation to my skill rotation.

Then again, maybe I just miss the crowded skill bars of old. I do, that. Miss the abundance of skills. It set LotRO apart from so many other games and I enjoyed the heck out of all those choices! ‘Course, I played a Captain and Lore-Master mostly, two very versatile classes, and had a lot of play room just by nature of utility.


LotRO, Ivar in Epic Book 2

Radagast was kind enough to escort me all the way to Ivar so I could ask him to the prom. He didn’t take to kindly to my invitation as you can see. Pretty sure it was my demand that he wear a tux complete with a sparkly cumberbund that turned him against me. Who knew?

I’m working my way through the Evendim map as I need to gain another five levels so I can do Epic Book 4. I’m still having a lot of fun running these areas again. Time away really does make a difference when you’ve run them more times than you can count in the past! I have no idea how far my Beorning will get but I’m hoping to see the newest areas myself. I haven’t quested the higher levels areas since RoR. I think. It’s been awhile! Maybe I’ll even change my mind on deeding and go back to get a few virtues. I have two virtues slotted at the moment because I earned them. Couldn’t tell you what they are, just that I think I earned them by questing Lonelands and Evendim areas. Racial deeds are being completed because there’s always spiders and goblins to kill.

That making honey cakes skill is just as funny as it is weird.

Would love to hear what trait lines you’re using on your Beorning and why!


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  1. OH choice of skills… my RK at the moment has a fixed rotation which from the forums will be basically the same all the way to CAP…every-so-often I have to add something to it but it rarely fails and is just another example of lazy gameplay in LOTRO…

    And after so much time invested into creating and tweaking this rotation…

    Now all my work is on passive skills, my traits/virtues and equipment… a new skill that totally messes up my rotations would actually be welcomed…:)

    Good luck with the bear…

    • Thanks.

      I’ve always wondered why passives weren’t just granted in games, why we have to buy or earn them. I suppose since they are so few action skills it makes sense … I’d love something new to my rotation, too. It’s mind-numbing the way it is now.

  2. This removal of skills and, in conjunction, options of how you play your character is what I hate about LOTRO and SWTOR. Some people bitch and moan about “too many skills” but they don’t seem to understand that they don’t have to use them if they don’t want to; take them off the damn quickbars if you don’t like so many. Instead, the devs decide these people are right and they remove the variety from those of us who like it. And then you have the whole “we removed them because there were to many yet we add more as you level up'” issue that some games do. I get that it’s easier for the devs to make changes and balance the game around fewer skills, but it often makes for less fun playing for those who keep the game running. One of the things I couldn’t stand about ESO was having so few useable skills, although TSW is similar and I’m not minding it too terribly right now even though it’s boring as hell using the same few skills over and over and over. I also have been enjoying, I guess, CO lately and they also allow few skills. But those are games that started out that way, not games where you were used to playing a certain way and then had to change because they took your skills away from you.

    Eep, I’m ranting. Kind of a sore spot for me, can ya tell?

    • Rant away, I’m right there with you. I’ve not played some of the uber popular mmos because combat was boring, so few skill choices. I wondered if the ‘balancing’ was more to bring LotRO in line with the competition games but I guess it’s hard to be different in this genre. Seems like they all want to, basically, be the same. LotRO used to feel like it was different.

  3. I mostly stopped playing when the class changes started rolling out, and things became more and more simple. I really enjoyed the skill complexity, and figuring out how each class’s skills supported or affected one another was half the fun! Knowing what to use when and how to manage the raid was the core of the game’s strategy. While I like being able to change skills on the fly, the oversimplification too a good chunk of the fun out of it for me.

    The rest was the constant level cap increases, the LI-decon that went with increased leveling, the slow level grind, the phys mit removal (which made my perfected 85 champ unable to do a L86 instance starting West Rohan), and the lack of shortcuts for alt characters (rep, levels, gear, etc. STO at least has a nice rep doubler once your first toon gets to max rep with a faction). The game screamed GRIND! and grinding isn’t fun. There isn’t versatility or flexibility killing 360 bats for 1 rank of some virtue.

    Etc, etc, etc. I’ve moved on; sadly lotro stung itself too many times, and has withered away from its self-inflicted wounds.

    • I’ve never been a fan of the LI system! The potential was there, I think, but instead of being something we could invest time in and be proud of it was just another long grind you had to restart every few levels. Squandered potential. Not sure how it is now. The essences I only know of by name, never having worked with them.

      I thought I was completely done with LotRO after my last burn out but it feels good to be back in 8 months later. I tried to move on but haven’t found an MMO that gives me what LotRO used to.

  4. I think red is indeed the high damage. I’ve only tried the DPS and tanking builds, not the healing one. But it does so much damage in bear form that it really felt overpowered. I managed to do Retake Weathertop solo, the fellowship version, one level below that of the quest; sure it was hard but up to the last fight it was pretty easy. Similarly, I soloed the fellowship quest with Radagast while not being over level. I’ve taken the Beorning up into Nan Wethren to attack groups of elites (with the Stone of Tortoise to keep me from over leveling).

    The boring part I think is indeed the few skills. However there are more skills coming over time. All the classes are a bit simplistic early on (I’m only up to level 30 on mine), and I do feel you get to know the core of all classes by level 20, everything after that is just adding miscellaneous skills or refining the game play. If you look at the trait tree you can see there’s a lot of stuff later on; and from the trainer you can see the upcoming skills.

    One thing is that the Beorning form is relatively basic in combat. Stack some bleeds, self heals are great, but nothing outstanding. Like playing a champion without spending any fervour. Whereas bear form is huge damage. But you can’t keep bear form up for long. So when soloing you spent most of the time in the more boring Beorning form and most things are dead before you get enough rage to make it worth swapping to bear form.

    In the 20-30 range the Beorning felt a bit like Warden was I remember it. Things are dead before you get a chance to use the new gambits (making the class deed a bit annoying). So I found myself hunting down tougher enemies, getting groups to attack me at once, and so forth.

    • Oh, agreed!

      The gaunt men, their adds and the walkers coming up were fun to fight BECAUSE I not only used almost every skill I had, the fights lasted long enough to go into bear form. So far I’ve found that going into bear form while waiting on my self heal cooldown works well for me. Looking forward to getting a few more levels so I can do book 4 and see how fighting in the troll caves go.

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