Monday Moaning: Saving isn’t always easy

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing the last few days. The first two or three times I played I lost progress, one time even having to start all over. Why, you ask? Try as I might, I could NOT find the ‘Save’ button! Not the first time I played, anyway. The second or third time I did find it but when I went to save again I had no idea how I’d found it to begin with. I did learn that letting my 3DS sleep rather than powering it off helped in terms of not loosing as much progress. ‘Least, I think it did.

Anyway, to save in Animal Crossing you have to press the ‘Start’ button on the 3DS. I have no idea why that was such an alien concept to me but it really was! The ‘Start’ button is on the bottom of the 3DS, below the bottom screen. I went into every menu I could find and pressed every button BUT the right one. Making this even better, I have no doubt one of the little tutorials explained how to save to me. I’ve sussed it out now, however.

Surely I can’t be the only one who’s had this problem (right? please?) so I thought I’d put up a helpful Monday Moaning post in case throngs of others are trying to save their game as well.

*I may have restarted my game to change the name of my town now that I think about it. 


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