Game plans, time to try something new

… to me, anyway.

I’ve always been a stickler for playing only one “big” game at a time. By big I mean the Dragon Age games or the Bioshock series, games that take a lot longer to play than, say, Octodad, games that take a bigger investment on several fronts … time, emotion, grind, things of this nature. I was thinking yesterday how daft I’ve been and that there’s no reason I can play more than one at a time. That’s my plan for this week! Here’s the games I’m hoping to get to play this week.

  • LotRO- I. AM. LOVING. my Beorning as well as being back in LotRO!
  • Dragon Age 2- Shouldn’t take too much more before I’m back in the Deep Roads.
  • Bioshock- I have an itch to go play in Rapture!
  • Animal Crossing- I’ve gotten myself a fishing pole! Holy Mackerel!
  • Orcs Must Die- Been ages since I’ve fired that bad boy up.

These titles are, of course, subject to change due to the nature of my whims when looking at my games library. I could very well get back into Bioshock and then decide I can’t put it down until it’s finished. Who knows?

May the gaming ghods rain playtime on us all this week!


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  1. I’m on the other end. I often game hop, but at the moment I’m trying to focus more. I’m levelling a Mesmer in Guild Wars 2 and I’d like to reach map completion and finish my personal story and season 2 one one character. If that’s my Mesmer or my Ranger already at 80, I’m not sure yet. I’m checking out ESO, also, which is really cool. Levelling a Nightblade there. Also playing through Dragon Age still. Getting there with Origins, then I’ll start DA II. I’m pretty happy with this being my focus!

  2. Whatever schedule I had set will be out the window on Friday when Dying Light comes out! Ill be hacking zombies and parkouring a city until my eyes bleed!

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