AR Cards have blown my mind!

AR Cards, Nintendo

I didn’t know what the AR cards were that came with my 3DS. I’d never heard of AR cards and just assumed they were collectible cards of your favorite Nintendo characters. When I was looking through the 3DS menu, however, I saw the AR Games option. I remembered the cards and decided to see what was there, thinking it was a collection system of sorts.

Boy HOWDEE was I wrong!

These little paper board cards are used with the camera on the 3DS and, once you’ve clicked through all the tutorial hints and tips, provide new content. You view the card (on whatever surface you’ve placed it, taking care to make sure your lighting is bright enough) on the top screen via the camera. I put mine on the corner of my desk so I also saw my desk and bank ledger book on the screen along with the Question Mark AR card. Once the 3DS measured the distance between the camera and the card (14″ is what you want) a little box popped up from the center of the card (on the screen) and suddenly the big box turns into a bunch of smaller boxes!

A bullseye target appears on your screen and you use it to shoot open a box. I opened Archery and had a blast shooting targets AND Bowser in a cute little mini-game. Blew my mind that the 3DS uses augmented reality to bring you mini games and whatever else is in those boxes. I did a quick read online and it looks like, depending on where you place your card, you can get some pretty sweet screenshot opportunities using these cards. Want to take a picture of Mario sitting beside your cat on the couch? I *think* you can using the Mario card, (I’m assuming it’d be that card).

I know this has been out for a while and I live under a rock, having only wanted a 3DS so I could play Mario games in my room, alone, where it’s quiet, but it’s new to me. Welcome to the future, huh?

Can’t wait to see what the other AR cards hold. Color me excited!


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