It didn’t stop with the 20 inch Mario!

I wrote a few days ago about the awesome 20 inch tall poseable Mario my oldest and his wife got me. My daughter and her boyfriend handed me a present wrapped in Bubble Guppie paper this evening and asked me to go ahead and open it. I did and found the very thing I’ve been wanting for what feels like AGES!

3DS XL and Animal Crossing

I’m still shocked! My daughter just got her very first paycheck, ever, and this is what she did with it! Her and her boyfriend went in halfsies (not sure how to spell that correctly). I’ve wanted a handheld system for *years* and can’t believe I finally own one. I used my leftover points/coins in Club Nintendo to get Wario Land 2 and, as soon as the system update is done, will download it.

I’m so excited!

Oh, and because she knows how much I detest the color blue she had to look around at different places to find one that wasn’t blue. They told me they’d hoped to score the Mario one but couldn’t find it. I’m happy anyway. 🙂



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  1. That’s awesome! There are some really good games to get too.

    Are you into JRPGs? Bravely Default is pretty sweet.

  2. Ohh! What’s your DS friend ID? We could add each other! I love animal crossing!! 🙂 Mine is 0731-5491-6885

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