LotRO: Burning through on my Beorning

LotRO, Goldberry in Tom's house

It’s been ages since I was in Tom Bombadil’s house but I honestly don’t remember if I’ve seen Goldberry there before or not. It’s very possible I have and just don’t remember, but I took the screenshot anyway because I thought it was neat.

I sat down to play LotRO last night and realized I wasn’t just happy about getting time to play around in Middle Earth, I was excited about it. I logged into the client, ‘ESC’d’ past the intro and waited for my character selection screen to pop up so I could log my Beorning in and play. When that screen did pop up I sat here for a bit and listened to the music, marveling at how amazing that soundtrack is. It’s inspiring! It’s commanding! It fills me with purpose, making me feel that my character is there to achieve great things! Was it Rohan that brought about the new music at character select? It’s so amazing I sat and listened to the entire run through before logging in. I’ve done this before, stopping to listen before logging in. It’s that good!

I finished the Prologue and Epic Book 1 last night. Actually, I didn’t stop until I’d helped Candaith retake Weathertop. I think I dinged level 19 when turning in for Weathertop. The next chapter is a level 25 quest and, if memory serves, I’ll need to gain Lonelands reputation to continue as well as another level so I went ahead and rode to the Foresaken Inn, gathered every quest there and parked my Bear-Woman on the porch.

I love everything about the Lonelands now. The quests flow from one hub to the next in a most natural feeling progression. They make a bit more sense for the area now and don’t feel as much like your typical ‘kill 10 rats’ type of quests. The people there are tired but they’re not giving up just yet. Candaith is protective over them, always looking out for possible threats, trying to keep them safe. The music in the area is, in my opinion, one of the very best most fitting to the area in game. I still despise bog lurkers but the revamp (years ago) to the Lonelands made the area into one of my favorites in all of the game. I used to loathe going there.

My Beorning is tearing through mobs like they’re nothing! I did run into a problem in the Barrow Downs. I had to up my level by two levels in order to get the Great Barrows part of the Epic so I ran around doing all the quests from the misplaced travelers. I picked up the corrupted tree quests for the southern barrows along with the angry bears and large fishing worms quests. I was going from one mob to the next without pausing for my health to regenerate. I didn’t need to pause, really, with my self-heal. If I need extra I use a pot!

Then I aggro’d a tree, it knocked me into a bear and between the two I nearly died!

I decided not to do the tree quests after that. I could see my miss-chance rearing its ugly head on those trees! They were red to me, as were the bears, but … whoo. Trees be tough!

I have a big problem, however, and I’m not sure what to do about it. I have a house that needs cleaning in a serious way. I fell over one of my husband’s child gates Sunday (they aren’t actually gates, just big pieces of wood he cut to fit our double doorways, nice and decorative, but big and heavy) and hurt my knee. I haven’t swept, run the vacuum, washed clothes or anything in two days time. I’m still in a bit of pain but I’m walking better today. I should take advantage of this and catch up on the house chores, no?

Only. I just want to log my Beorning in and quest the Lonelands! I want nothing else from today except to play LotRO!!!!! ARG! Part of me says to give my knee one more day before tomorrow (lot of walking tomorrow!) but I wonder if that’s selfishly rationalizing myself into a game day. It could be. I dunno. Nor do I know what I’ll do. Maybe both? Quest or two in game, then sweep a floor, quest in game, then take out the trash, … That might work.


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  1. Did the Lonelands get an update recently? Or is it just that long since you did them?

    As someone that’s had their share of knee problems, I hereby give you permission to rest up some more before getting back to normal routines.

    • No. And no, it’s not that it’s been that long, I was just saying I (still) love the revamp.

      I’m seriously leaning towards a game day. Was walking through the house picking things up and it’s made my knee shaky. Not fun.

  2. I gather u mean Northern Barrow Downs when you say ‘North Downs‘ …lol and yes the trees are a drag …but I normally persevere and get the adv tree slayer deed here instead of in the Old Forest. Mind you, I think I am normally lv20 at least by then…

    I always really enjoyed the Lone Lands and didn’t realize that once upon a time they were the ‘lone BAD lands’

    I am also having a good time in LOTRO at the moment, wrapping up Mirkwood with my RK. area by area and getting back into skirmishing a little as well.

    The music is great and adds so much to the atmosphere…

    Hope the knee heals quickly, enjoy the LOTRO while resting it 🙂

    • I forgot to add that I love Mirkwood! I never understood why so many hate the area. It has challenge, story, atmosphere, SG, ghost stories, …. Amazing area! That said, I’m not fond of one of the skirmishes there. Forget the name but it has a big nasty ball of fire as an optional that’s hard to beat. Or used to be.

      • Oh that ball of fire is tough…Strike Against Dannenglor…I have also yet to beat it…it does not help that I am a Fire RK! Infact there have been 2 encounters that I fail in that skirm otherwise I quite like it…is super fast 🙂

      • I’m a fan of Mirkwood too!

        Some those optional encounters in Dannenglor are tough! But I like that 😀

        I used to use Dannenglor as a lab to try out my builds. There’s a good mix of challenges so you can test out different scenarios… rushes of melee mobs, hard-hitting mini-bosses with tons of health etc.

        Also like Tsu says, it’s pretty fast and gives decent marks!

  3. Thanks for catching that. I’d meant to type “Barrow Downs” but as I was writing up this post I was thinking in my head, wondering if I wanted to quest any in the North Downs area. I can’t multi-task like I used to, lol.

    Before Orion revamped the LoneLands it wasn’t fun. It felt jumbled. There weren’t as many quest hubs and it felt more like a bunch of ‘go fetch’ quests put in game to give us something to do for those levels. After the revamp the story for the area is front and center with the quests there to tell it rather than just bark orders at you. If that makes sense. He did an amazing job bring a cohesive feel to the area!

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